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Mother's Love

No love is comparable to mother's love
Inspiration when life becomes tough
Mother's love is unconditional and eternal
Sacrificial lamb for the child

Borklo Solomon
In The Nick Of Time

In the Corporate Place it’s a Valentine’s Day
She walks toward me she’s wearing this magic smile
About eleven or so metres away I return the gesture
And I’m smiling she does it the more I’m thrilled

Casey Ginindza

The kindest hearts pray for change
God didn't answer when it was Grey
The child inside me cried for so long
The world was actually not against me

Nonkululeko Ngcobo
Song Of Myself

I celebrate myself, and sing myself,
And what I assume you shall assume,
For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you.

Walt Whitman
Awesome Inspirer (sayani Ma'am)

You are my real inspiration,
One who provides me my aspiration.
A stupendous teacher you are,
Whom i never want to leave a far.

Priyadarshini Goel
Product Of Inspiration

I have sought for inspiration.
I have pursued motivation
But I've come to realize that the best motivators of ourselves are within us, but my experience in life has made me who I am today.
I have come to appreciate that sometimes we don't get to choose what we want in life but we become products of circumstances.

Bhekisipho Nyathi
My Guru

Not atop a hill, nor in a religious place,
Not a leader, nor a sage in a hermitage,
Not a king, nor a healer prima facie,
But in my Son, lies my Guru !

Divya Johar
Walt Whitman


And what I assume you shall assume;

Walt Whitman
Absalom And Achitophel

In pious times, ere priest-craft did begin,
Before polygamy was made a sin;
When man, on many, multipli'd his kind,
Ere one to one was cursedly confin'd:

John Dryden

I made a journey o'er the sea,
I bade my faithful dog good-bye,
I knew that he would grieve for me,
But did not dream that he would die!

John L. Stoddard
A Sourdough Story

Hark to the Sourdough story, told at sixty below,
When the pipes are lit and we smoke and spit
Into the campfire glow.
Rugged are we and hoary, and statin' a general rule,

Robert Service
To Arms!

World! to arms!
Do you shrink?
What! shrink when the hoofs of the Cossack are crushing
The bosom of mother, the tonsure of priest,

Alfred Austin

I hold it one of the sad certain laws
Which makes our failures sometime seem more kind
Than that success which brings sure loss behind-
True greatness dies, when sounds the world's applause

Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Our Children


Our children still do not admit defeat,
Nor do they think to withdraw

Mohammad Younus
Common Things

I like to hear of wealth and gold,
And El Doradoes in their glory;
I like for silks and satins bold
To sweep and rustle through a story.

Paul Laurence Dunbar
Hyperion: Book Ii

Just at the self-same beat of Time's wide wings
Hyperion slid into the rustled air,
And Saturn gain'd with Thea that sad place
Where Cybele and the bruised Titans mourn'd.

John Keats

To my mother. May, 1870.

The Landgrave Hermann held a gathering

Emma Lazarus

in my younger years
before i learned
black people aren't
suppose to dream

Nikki Giovanni
Five A.m.

Elan that lifts me above the clouds
into pure space, timeless, yea eternal
Breath transmuted into words
Transmuted back to breath

Allen Ginsberg

You whom I could not save
Listen to me.
Try to understand this simple speech as I would be ashamed of another.
I swear, there is in me no wizardry of words.

Czeslaw Milosz

O Man! what Inspiration was thy Guide,
Who taught thee Light and Air thus to divide;
To let in all the useful Beams of Day,
Yet force, as subtil Winds, without thy Shash to stay;

Anne Kingsmill Finch
In Bohemia

Ha! My dear! I'm back again--
Vendor of Bohemia's wares!
Lordy! How it pants a man
Climbing up those awful stairs!

James Whitcomb Riley


In that fair capital where Pleasure, crowned
Amidst her myriad courtiers, riots and rules,

Alan Seeger
The Glass-vendor

There are some natures purely contemplative and antipathetic to action, who nevertheless, under a mysterious and inexplicable impulse, sometimes act with a rapidity of which they would have believed themselves incapable. Such a one is he who, fearing to find some new vexation awaiting him at his lodgings, prowls about in a cowardly fashion before the door without daring to enter; such a one is he who keeps a letter fifteen days without opening it, or only makes up his mind at the end of six months to undertake a journey that has been a necessity for a year past. Such beings sometimes feel themselves precipitately thrust towards action, like an arrow from a bow.
The novelist and the physician, who profess to know all things, yet cannot explain whence comes this sudden and delirious energy to indolent and voluptuous souls; nor how, incapable of accomplishing the simplest and most necessary things, they are at some certain moment of time possessed by a superabundant hardihood which enables them to execute the most absurd and even the most dangerous acts.
One of my friends, the most harmless dreamer that ever lived, at one time set fire to a forest, in order to ascertain, as he said, whether the flames take hold with the easiness that is commonly affirmed. His experiment failed ten times running, on the eleventh it succeeded only too well.
Another lit a cigar by the side of a powder barrel, in order to see, to know, to tempt Destwiy, for a jest, to have the pleasure of suspense, for no reason at all, out of caprice, out of idleness. This is a kind of energy that springs from weariness and reverie; and those in whom it manifests so stubbornly are in general, as I have said, the most indolent and dreamy beings.

Charles Baudelaire
An Alibi

A famous journalist, who long
Had told the great unheaded throng
Whate'er they thought, by day or night.
Was true as Holy Writ, and right,

Ambrose Bierce

Some men there are who find in nature all
Their inspiration, hers the sympathy
Which spurs them on to any great endeavor,
To them the fields and woods are closest friends,

Amy Lowell
To ----

I remember the marvellous moment
you appeared before me,
like a transient vision,
like pure beautyâ??s spirit.

Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin

We heard a song-bird trilling
'T was but a night ago.
Such rapture he was rilling
As only we could know.

Ambrose Bierce
A Later Alexandrian

An inspiration caught from dubious hues
Filled him, and mystic wrynesses he chased;
For they lead farther than the single-faced,
Wave subtler promise when desire pursues.

George Meredith
A Bubble

Mrs. Mehitable Marcia Moore
Was a dame of superior mind,
With a gown which, modestly fitting before,
Was greatly puffed up behind.

Ambrose Bierce
A True Story.

(Read Before A Meeting Of The Danville Scribbler Club.)

Dear friends, to-night the inspiration of my theme

George W. Doneghy
Adventure Of A Poet

As I was walking down the street
A week ago,
Near Henderson's I chanced to meet
A man I know.

Robert Fuller Murray
Fresh Air


At the Poem Society a black-haired man stands up to say
-You make me sick with all your talk about restraint and mature talent!

Kenneth Koch

At the golden gate of song
Stood I, knocking all day long,
But the Angel, calm and cold,
Still refused and bade me, “Hold.”

Paul Laurence Dunbar
Hymn 151

Prophecy and inspiration.

'Twas by an order from the Lord
The ancient prophets spoke his word;

Isaac Watts
Epilogue [english]

The sun, less hot, looks from a sky more clear;
The roses in their sleepy loveliness
Nod to the cradling wind. The atmosphere

Paul Verlaine
English Bards And Scotch Reviewers (excerpt)

Time was, ere yet in these degenerate days
Ignoble themes obtain'd mistaken praise,
When sense and wit with poesy allied,
No fabl'd graces, flourish'd side by side;

George Gordon Byron
The Mississippi


Far in the West, where snow-capt mountains rise,
Like marble shafts beneath Heaven's stooping dome,

Sam G. Goodrich


How sweet on sunny afternoons,
For those who journey light and well,

George Meredith
The Poem Cat

Sometimes the poem
doesn't want to come;
it hides from the poet
like a playful cat

Erica Jong
To R. A. M. S.

The Spirit of Wine
Sang in my glass, and I listened
With love to his odorous music,
His flushed and magnificent song.

William Ernest Henley


Grey with all honours of age! but fresh-featured and ruddy
As dawn when the drowsy farm-yard has thrice heard Chaunticlere.

George Meredith
Poets (excerpt)


What can I do, blind and outcast
In a world where all are fathered and sighted,

Marina Ivanovna Tsvetaeva
Be Not Anxious

“Be careful for nothing,” Phil. iv. 6. Revised version, “Be
not anxious.”


Hattie Howard

Barada, oh father of all rivers
Oh, horse that races the days
Be, in our sad history, a prophet
Who receives inspiration from his lord

Nizar Qabbani
To R. B.

The fine delight that fathers thought; the strong
Spur, live and lancing like the blowpipe flame,
Breathes once and, quenchèd faster than it came,
Leaves yet the mind a mother of immortal song.

Gerard Manley Hopkins
Uncle Ananias

His words were magic and his heart was true,
And everywhere he wandered he was blessed.
Out of all ancient men my childhood knew
I choose him and I mark him for the best.

Edwin Arlington Robinson

Heigh ho! to sleep I vainly try;
Since twelve I haven't closed an eye,
And now it's three, and as I lie,
From Notre Dame to St. Denis

Robert Service

AH, to be by Mooni now!
Where the great dark hills of wonder,
Scarred with storm and cleft asunder
By the strong sword of the thunder,

Henry Kendall
The Ballad Of Casey’s Billy-goat

You've heard of “Casey at The Bat,”
And “Casey's Tabble Dote”;
But now it's time
To write a rhyme

Robert Service