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Robert Fuller Murray (1863–1894), was a Victorian poet. Although born in the United States, Murray lived most of his life in the United Kingdom, most notably in St Andrews, Scotland. He wrote two books of poetry and was published occasionally in periodicals.

Murray was born 26 December 1863 in Roxbury, Massachusetts, son of Emmeline and John Murray, the latter a Scotsman and a Unitarian minister. In 1869 his father took him to Kelso and from that point on, except for a brief visit to Egypt, he stayed in the U.K. He attended grammar school in Ilminster and Crewkerne and in 1881 he entered the University of St Andrews. In 1886 his father died. He worked for a while assisting John M. D. Meiklejohn, Professor of the Theory, History, and Practice of Education at the University of St ...
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Robert Fuller Murray Poems

  • Come Back To St. Andrews
    Come back to St. Andrews! Before you went away
    You said you would be wretched where you could not see the Bay,
    The East sands and the West sands and the castle in the sea
    Come back to St. Andrews--St. Andrews and me. ...
  • The Swallows. From Jean Pierre Claris Florian
    I love to see the swallows come
    At my window twittering,
    Bringing from their southern home
    News of the approaching spring. ...
  • To Alfred Tennyson--1883
    Familiar with thy melody,
    We go debating of its power,
    As churls, who hear it hour by hour,
    Contemn the skylark's minstrelsy-- ...
  • The Poet's Hat
    The rain had fallen, the Poet arose,
    He passed through the doorway into the street,
    A strong wind lifted his hat from his head,
    And he uttered some words that were far from sweet. ...
  • Milton. With Apologies To Lord Tennyson
    O swallow-tailed purveyor of college sprees,
    O skilled to please the student fraternity,
    Most honoured publican of Scotland,
    Milton, a name to adorn the Cross Keys; ...
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Quotesgospel: "god's anger is like a river dammed up. it is getting higher and higher, fuller and deeper, every day." -robert murray m'cheyne.
Steven_and_gus: love, we have heard together the north sea sing his tune, and felt the wind's wild feather brush past our cheeks at noon, and seen the cloudy weather made wondrous with the moon. -robert fuller murray (excerpt 'moonlight north and south)
Quotesgospel: "when a blind man comes against you in the street, you are not angry at him; you say he is blind, poor man, or he would not have hurt me. so you may say of the poor world, when they speak evil of christians, they are blind." -robert murray m'cheyne.
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