Casey Ginindza Poems

  • 1.  
    Started by from church,
    Travelled for faith,
    Met with the wanted,
    Given selfless for surety,
  • 2.  
    Sitting here waiting my turn,
    Patients claiming they first,
    Doctors we'll play your song,
    Again keeping rooted
  • 3.  
    Bright as crystal,
    Shining like anew,
    Readily contained,
    Emotions approach,
  • 4.  
    Chickens are for food,
    Horses they give a ride,
    With birds there's music,
    Dogs host a scare campaign,
  • 5.  
    In the Corporate Place it’s a Valentine’s Day
    She walks toward me she’s wearing this magic smile
    About eleven or so metres away I return the gesture
    And I’m smiling she does it the more I’m thrilled
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