I have sought for inspiration.
I have pursued motivation
But I've come to realize that the best motivators of ourselves are within us, but my experience in life has made me who I am today.
I have come to appreciate that sometimes we don't get to choose what we want in life but we become products of circumstances.
We don't choose what we physically are.
We don't choose the financial ground on which we stand-just initially - but life and circumstances choose for us.
I get inspiration from setbacks.
If I didn't get inspiration, motivation, determination and diligence from the people who've let me down, I wouldn't be what I am.
If I didn't get hurt and disappointed, then I wouldn't be this strong.
Am grateful today to all those people who said no, it's because of them that I'm doing it myself.
I am unique, so is everyone of course.
I'm a product of inspiration.