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I did not choose poetry, poetry chose me....
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  • Product Of Inspiration
    I have sought for inspiration.
    I have pursued motivation
    But I've come to realize that the best motivators of ourselves are within us, but my experience in life has made me who I am today.
    I have come to appreciate that sometimes we don't get to choose what we want in life but we become products of circumstances. ...
  • Ordinary Man
    I have had dreams, I have set goals
    Ive achieved some, had some dislodged and yet to achieve many.
    I believe in myself, I believe in others
    I know I’m not perfect, I don’t expect others to be either ...
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Experience 2 Inspiration 1 Product 1 Stand 1 Unique 1 Motivation 1 Strong 1 Today 1 Sometimes 1 People 1

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Though the wind from the Camp of the
Slain Men blow,
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