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John Lawson Stoddard (April 24, 1850 – June 5, 1931) was an American lecturer, author and photographer. He was a pioneer in the use of the stereopticon or magic lantern, adding photographs to his popular lectures about his travels around the world. Because he published books related to his travels, he is credited with developing the genre of travelogues.In 1935, Daniel Crane Taylor wrote, "Stoddard's rise to fame was spectacular and unprecedented in the annals of American entertainers. No American lecturer, musician or actor has ever won so large a following in so short a time. From his second season almost every lecture was sold out…He filled Daly's Theatre, one of the largest in New York, fifty times a season for ten years. …This would mean that Stoddard alone drew approximately on...
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John L. Stoddard Poems

  • Youth And Age
    “I will gain a fortune,” the young man cried;
    “For Gold by the world is deified;
    Hence, whether the means be foul or fair,
    I will make myself a millionaire,...
  • Weariness
    Snowy sails, silvery sails,
    Gleaming in the sun,
    Leaving scores of jewelled trails
    In the course you run,...
  • Wakefulness
    Drifting, idly drifting, where thought's varied streams
    Meet at last and mingle in the realm of dreams,
    Gladly would I join them in oblivion's deep!
    Sleep, so dear to me,...
  • Villa Pliniana
    It stands where darkly wooded cliffs
    Slope swiftly to the deep,
    And silvery streams from ledge to ledge
    In foaming splendor leap,-...
  • Undine
    Spirit of Como, whose rhythmical call
    Murmurs caressingly under my wall,
    Why are thy feet, though the hour be late,
    Mounting the moon-silvered steps of my gate?...
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