Who is John L. Stoddard

John Lawson Stoddard (April 24, 1850 – June 5, 1931) was an American writer, hymn writer and lecturer who gained popularity through his travelogues.

Biography Stoddard was born in Brookline, Massachusetts, in 1850. In 1871 he graduated from Williams College. At Williams he was a member of the fraternity Delta Psi (aka St. Anthony Hall). Later he studied two years of theology at Yale Divinity School. After that he taught Latin and French at Boston Latin School. He was proud of his descent from Solomon Stoddard.

He began traveling around the world in 1874 and published Red-Letter Days Abroad in 1884. He turned his experiences into a series of popular lectures delivered throughout North America. These lectures were periodically published in book fo...
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John L. Stoddard Poems

  • Youth And Age
    “I will gain a fortune,” the young man cried;
    “For Gold by the world is deified;
    Hence, whether the means be foul or fair,
    I will make myself a millionaire,...
  • Weariness
    Snowy sails, silvery sails,
    Gleaming in the sun,
    Leaving scores of jewelled trails
    In the course you run,...
  • Wakefulness
    Drifting, idly drifting, where thought's varied streams
    Meet at last and mingle in the realm of dreams,
    Gladly would I join them in oblivion's deep!
    Sleep, so dear to me,...
  • Villa Pliniana
    It stands where darkly wooded cliffs
    Slope swiftly to the deep,
    And silvery streams from ledge to ledge
    In foaming splendor leap,-...
  • Undine
    Spirit of Como, whose rhythmical call
    Murmurs caressingly under my wall,
    Why are thy feet, though the hour be late,
    Mounting the moon-silvered steps of my gate?...
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Life 79 Sweet 57 World 55 Sun 53 Light 53 Heart 50 Night 48 Love 46 Sea 46 I Love You 46

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  • Albino_lucinda: quote from john l. stoddard's book "rebuilding a lost faith: by an american agnostic"
  • Antiquebooksden: john l. stoddard's lectures, complete in 15 volumes by john l. stoddard
  • Kamlesm: a man-eater hunted in india by john stoddard with natives, 1890s. published in "india - 13 volumes" by john l. stoddard in 1901 tiger hunting?
  • Antiquebooksden: john l. stoddard's lectures, complete in 15 volumes by john l. stoddard
  • Sportsmuseumtpc: top row, l to r: bob pirie, oren jones, chester jackson, jean wood, bryant stoddard and henry clifford. middle row: kenny wilson, john sharp, harold berndt, elmon chilberg, bob wilson and jim harris. kneeling are coach vincent keyes and burt o. beal, director of athletics.
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