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Alan Seeger (22 June 1888 – 4 July 1916) was an American poet who fought and died in World War I during the Battle of the Somme, serving in the French Foreign Legion. Seeger was the brother of Charles Seeger, a noted American pacifist and musicologist. He is best known for the poem I Have a Rendezvous with Death, a favorite of President John F. Kennedy. A statue representing him is on the monument in the Place des États-Unis, Paris, honoring fallen Americans who volunteered for France during the war. Seeger is sometimes called the "American Rupert Brooke."
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Alan Seeger Poems

  • All That's Not Love . .
    All that's not love is the dearth of my days,
    The leaves of the volume with rubric unwrit,
    The temple in times without prayer, without praise,
    The altar unset and the candle unlit. ...
  • I Loved . .
    I loved illustrious cities and the crowds
    That eddy through their incandescent nights.
    I loved remote horizons with far clouds
    Girdled, and fringed about with snowy heights. ...
  • Virginibus Puerisque . .
    I care not that one listen if he lives
    For aught but life's romance, nor puts above
    All life's necessities the need to love,
    Nor counts his greatest wealth what Beauty gives. ...
  • Translations Ariosto. Orlando Furioso, Canto X, 91-99
    Ruggiero, to amaze the British host,
    And wake more wonder in their wondering ranks,
    The bridle of his winged courser loosed,
    And clapped his spurs into the creature's flanks; ...
  • Fragment Iii
    For there were nights . . . my love to him whose brow
    Has glistened with the spoils of nights like those,
    Home turning as a conqueror turns home,
    What time green dawn down every street uprears ...
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  • War_poets: 3 march 1915 alan seeger sends a postcard showing french infantry ‘here is the way we look marching, l’arme à la bataille. after six days repose we are going back again to the trenches tonight.’
  • Ssvikings: i have a rendezvous with death by alan seeger | poetry foundation
  • War_poets: 26 february 1915 alan seeger writes to his father ‘i was shot a few days ago coming in from sentinel duty. i exposed myself for about two seconds at a point where the communication ditch is not deep enough'
  • War_poets: 26 february 1916 alan seeger writes to a friend ‘the things one poignantly regrets are those which seem to us unnecessary, which, we think, might have been different. this is not my case. my being here is not an accident'
  • Mikeyb7248_burt: ss sealady, ex liberty tanker ss alan seeger, converted to ore carrier & lengthened at kure in 1955. purchased 1959 by intercoastal shipping, us flag, renamed, previously ss bengt h larson, liberian flag. note modified cap to funnel.
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