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Paul Verlaine Poems

  • What Sayst Thou, Traveller, Of All Thou Saw'st Afar?
    What sayst thou, traveller, of all thou saw'st afar?
    On every tree hangs boredom, ripening to its fall,
    Didst gather it, thou smoking yon thy sad cigar,
    Black, casting an incongruous shadow on the wall?...
  • Walcourt
    Briques et tuiles,
    O les charmants
    Petits asiles
    Pour les amants!...
  • Voeu
    Ah! les oarystis! les premières maîtresses!
    L'or des cheveux, l'azur des yeux, la fleur des chairs,
    Et puis, parmi l'odeur des corps jeunes et chers,
    La spontanéité craintive des caresses!...
  • Vers Pour être Calomnié
    A Charles Vignier.

    Ce jour je m'étais penché sur ton sommeil....
  • Vendanges
    A Gorges Hall.

    Les choses qui chantent dans la tête...
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Comments about Paul Verlaine

  • Alinaetcetera: it was actually inspired by a poem by french poet paul verlaine. here it is. i think it depicts superficial joy which masks deep sorrow. who can't relate to that these days, right? zoom in to read clearly.
  • Cataclysmiceve2: when they say goodbye, because he finds himself forgetting his mother's face now, as time goes by--and he's /so/ afraid that one day, he'll return home to a /stranger./ arthur rimbaud and paul verlaine /are/ strangers to him, but they aren't /cruel./ of course, arthur /is/ more
  • Bse_writer: the explosive love affair between flamboyant french poets arthur rimbaud and paul verlaine rocks french society. they flee to london, abandoning the manuscript of la chasse spirituelle. delirium: the rimbaud delusion
  • Mrpaulsimpson1: we do 3 or 3 'songs'. i'm dragging the guitar neck across the amplifier. trying to channel robert quine, tom verlaine, richard lloyd and martin bramah all at once. when we come off bill says 'paul..you didn't go mad enough'.
  • Chizue_witchery: not me thinking paul and verlaine are two different people isndjwn bye-
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