In the Corporate Place it’s a Valentine’s Day
She walks toward me she’s wearing this magic smile
About eleven or so metres away I return the gesture
And I’m smiling she does it the more I’m thrilled
The distance gets swallowed into our bodies
Of course we are pacing toward each other now
Like a lover returning her sentiments to her love
She last saw him a year ago; he’d been leaving for Kiev
So now it’s more than just controlling she's loose

I imagine the raving delightedness inside of her
I feel it too and now an inspiration to my feet
So she’s just about in front of me and
As she has her arms wide open I stretch out
To throw my arms around her but she stops
Drops her arms; her eyes so not on me I notice
Almost next to but behind me a guy
She is staring at and him back
They must know each other
Thrown into an aroused affront; I just missed a hug