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Czesław MiłoszCzesław Miłosz, 1999Born(1911-06-30)30 June 1911
Szetejnie, Kovno Governorate, Russian EmpireDied14 August 2004(2004-08-14) (aged 93)
Kraków, PolandOccupationPoet, prose writer, essayistNationality
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Czeslaw Milosz Poems

  • An Hour
    Leaves glowing in the sun, zealous hum of bumblebees,
    From afar, from somewhere beyond the river, echoes of lingering voices
    And the unhurried sounds of a hammer gave joy not only to me.
    Before the five senses were opened, and earlier than any beginning ...
  • Dedication
    You whom I could not save
    Listen to me.
    Try to understand this simple speech as I would be ashamed of another.
    I swear, there is in me no wizardry of words. ...
  • Not Mine
    All my life to pretend this world of theirs is mine
    And to know such pretending is disgraceful.
    But what can I do? Suppose I suddenly screamed
    And started to prophesy. No one would hear me. ...
  • Conversation With Jeanne
    Let us not talk philosophy, drop it, Jeanne.
    So many words, so much paper, who can stand it.
    I told you the truth about my distancing myself.
    I've stopped worrying about my misshapen life. ...
  • Sarajevo
    Now that a revolution really is needed, those who were fervent are quite cool.

    While a country murdered and raped calls for help from the Europe which it had trusted, they yawn.
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  • Wandrernotlost: campo dei fiori ...those dying here, the lonely forgotten by the world our tongue becomes for them the language of an ancient planet. until, when all is legend and many years have passed, on a new campo dei fiori rage will kindle at a poet's word. - czeslaw milosz, warsaw, 1943
  • Poonamteju: “learning to believe you are magnificent. and gradually to discover that you are not magnificent. enough labor for one human life.” — czesław miłosz tejasswi enlivens naagin6
  • Omid34525285: “ill at ease in the tyranny,      ill at ease in the republic, in the one i longed for freedom,      in the other for the end of corruption.” czeslaw milosz
  • Carloparcelli: updated link - poet peter dale scott appears with beat poet laureate carlo parcelli, poet dustin pickering & analyst billy bob to discuss peter's new memoir on the polish poet czeslaw milosz & socio-political issues.
  • Ubermenscchh: czeslaw milosz new and collected poems: 1931-2001
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Jonathan Hirschfeld: I felt I had been invited to look, even to scrutinise, but perhaps not to see.
Against Oblivion - PN Review 257, Volume 47 Number 3, January - February 2021.

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