No love is comparable to a mother's love
Inspiration when life becomes tough
Mother's love is unconditional and eternal
Sacrificial lamb for the child
Love that shines like the sun
Brights more than the evening star

Endless and selfless as it is
Sweeter than honey, precious than gold
Even when l close my eyes, l still see mother's love.
Mother's love deep to the bone
Warmth to the child in cold

Oh mother, if I've ever forgotten you,
Let my right hand wither.
Cause your love for me is unconditional
Defense in times of trouble
Protects from the wicked one
I'm not worried cause my mother's love is sufficient for me

Mum's tears are always hidden
Gives hope whilst confused, herself
Mother's love encourages me to push on
A love deep to the bone
Runs through the veins of a mother
Mother's love remains forever