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  • At General Grant's Tomb
    Afar my loyal spirit stirred
    At mention of his name;
    Afar in ringing notes I heard
    The clarion voice of fame; ...
  • My Mother's Hand
    My head is aching, and I wish
    That I could feel tonight
    One well-remembered, tender touch
    That used to comfort me so much, ...
  • Sheridan's Last Ride
    While Phoebus lent his hottest rays
    To signalize midsummer days,
    I stood in that far-famed enclosure
    By thousands visited, ...
  • Woman's Help
    Sometimes I long to write an ode
    And magnify his name,
    The man of honor, on the road
    To opulence and fame, ...
  • Be Not Anxious.
    "Be careful for nothing," Phil. iv. 6. Revised version, "Be not anxious."

    Of all the precepts in the Book ...
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  • Sofiavilaret: unfortunately, the praise was not enough for hollywood to change and hattie was never offered the breakthrough part she deserved. to top it all, howard university deemed her oscar valueless. it went missing and it was never recovered.
  • Stewartwood: olivia de havilland, who died a year ago this month, outlived her 4 fellow co-stars from 1939's "gone with the wind": vivien leigh: by 53 years clark gable: by 60 years hattie mcdaniel: by 68 years leslie howard; by 77 years
  • Richardshall731: up at castle howard this weekend of racing. hattie and daddy racing sunday.
  • Tvandfilmstars: gone with the wind 1939. starring clark gable as rhett butler, vivien leigh as katie scarlett o'hara, olivia de havilland as melanie hamilton, leslie howard as ashley wilkes, thomas mitchell as gerald o'hara and hattie mcdaniel as mammy.
  • Hmittelmark: the reason i wasn't credited was that we got into a big fight over the title. he was all, "well, i'm john cage, howard. deal with it," but i still think my title, "it goes without saying," was better.
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