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  • At General Grant's Tomb
    Afar my loyal spirit stirred
    At mention of his name;
    Afar in ringing notes I heard
    The clarion voice of fame; ...
  • My Mother's Hand
    My head is aching, and I wish
    That I could feel tonight
    One well-remembered, tender touch
    That used to comfort me so much, ...
  • Sheridan's Last Ride
    While Phoebus lent his hottest rays
    To signalize midsummer days,
    I stood in that far-famed enclosure
    By thousands visited, ...
  • Woman's Help
    Sometimes I long to write an ode
    And magnify his name,
    The man of honor, on the road
    To opulence and fame, ...
  • Be Not Anxious.
    "Be careful for nothing," Phil. iv. 6. Revised version, "Be not anxious."

    Of all the precepts in the Book ...
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  • Shekharmoona: i hope someone is kind enough to turn in hattie mcdaniel's oscar to howard university where it rightfully belongs.
  • Attheflickspod: gone with the wind (1939): victor fleming classic (with help from george cukor and sam wood), with screenplay by sidney howard and based on margaret mitchell’s novel. record breaking at the box office and the oscars (incl hattie mcdaniel being the first black person to win one).
  • Son_of_howard: the thing that trips me is the oscars were stained long before will smith slapped chris rock. they were stained when hattie mcdaniel couldn’t accept her award. they were stained when the wins black people did win were for roles that put black people in a negative light.
  • Ernonutting: ... natch robin nedwell & the fantastic diane keen and trevor howard arrival of a pop star & wifey upsets local yokels in a backwater brass band. and i've just spotted the national treasure that was john le mesurier aka mr. hattie jacques seriously cuckòlded hubby.
  • Dantzerjim: would there be the same outrage if moe howard had slapped hattie mcdaniel or franklin pangborn or would it be seen as funny?
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