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George Meredith OM (12 February 1828 – 18 May 1909) was an English novelist and poet of the Victorian era. He was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature seven times.

Life Meredith was born in Portsmouth, Hampshire, a son and grandson of naval outfitters. His mother died when he was five. At the age of 14 he was sent to a Moravian School in Neuwied, Germany, where he remained for two years. He read law and was articled as a solicitor, but abandoned that profession for journalism and poetry. He collaborated with Edward Gryffydh Peacock, son of Thomas Love Peacock, in publishing a privately circulated literary magazine, the Monthly Observer. He married Edward Peacock's widowed sister Mary Ellen Nicolls in 1849 when he was twenty-one years old and she wa...
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George Meredith Poems

  • Aneurin's Harp

    Prince of Bards was old Aneurin;
    He the grand Gododin sang; ...
  • Solon

    The Tyrant passed, and friendlier was his eye
    On the great man of Athens, whom for foe ...
  • Men And Man

    Men the Angels eyed;
    And here they were wild waves, ...
  • The Hueless Love
    Unto that love must we through fire attain,
    Which those two held as breath of common air;
    The hands of whom were given in bond elsewhere;
    Whom Honour was untroubled to restrain. ...
  • A Roar Through The Tall Twin Elm-trees
    A roar thro' the tall twin elm-trees
    The mustering storm betrayed:
    The South-wind seized the willow
    That over the water swayed. ...
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Love 139 I Love You 139 Life 116 Heart 106 Earth 102 Light 90 Sweet 82 Never 75 Night 73 Sun 72

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  • Merlucaanatomy: meredith got to wonder why things happen to her . she always getting sick and hurt and people keep dying and leaving her . i wonder how she will react with andrew? i wondered if she remembers her dreams messages from george , lexie and mark .
  • Drwonderful: don't just count your years, make your years count. - george meredith
  • Cndtefuiste: izzie meredith y george mi familia
  • Nicoleecbr: i miss meredith, alex, george, izzie, and cristinaaaaaaa
  • Haloschavvy: it's so ironical see, meredith and derek, derek and addison, addison and mark, mark and lexie, lexie and alex, alex and izzie, izzie and george, george and callie, callie and arizona. wow
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