Who is Priyadarshini Goel

Budding poet in this mordern era. Poems give words to my feelings and expressions to my emotions. Writing helps me discover the world. Behind every word, is a voice, waiting to be heard, wanting to be discovered. And of course not to forget my teachers play an important part in my life, so you are gonna find many poems dedicated to them. Enjoy reading! ...
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Priyadarshini Goel Poems

  • That Silent Sound
    A sound yet unique of all,
    As if everything's still as a doll.
    No speech but still felt,
    Sometimes helps all your sorrows melt. ...
  • Irony
    Once, a tree spoke to a little girl,
    Doesn't the nature now seem bright as a pearl?
    My tree, isn't it a irony to millions,
    Polluted nature, free people, Clean nature, locked are millions. ...
  • Cloudy Rainbows
    Pleasureful rainbows in the night sky,
    Eager to get a glance is each very eye.
    Clouds raining their way down,
    The lively nature, wearing a golden crown. ...
  • Hopeful Lights In Gloomy Clouds
    -A silver lining to the pandemic cloud,
    Happy at home, cheerful and loud.
    -The busy elders giving us their valuable time,
    Nature is filled with melodious birdy chimes. ...
  • The Plight Of Migrants
    -Migrants suffering a major plight,
    Will they get food today, they wish they might.
    -Forced to walk hours under this hot sun,
    No job, no home, what can they do but run. ...
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