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  • Memoria In √ęterna
    Sweet Memory! thou faculty divine--
    Triumphant o'er the cruel hand of Time!
    On thy tablets we may trace
    The lines his fingers ne'er efface, ...
  • December

    White-shrouded, latest-born of all the year,
    In thy cold hands no bud or floweret bearing, ...
  • "is It Hot Enough Fer You?"

    I wouldn't mind the weather much--I'd sizzle and I'd stew,
    And do the very best I could the heat to struggle through, ...
  • Tim Bluster's Dream
    'Twas a place of fifty acres, in a lonely neighborhood,
    And near a grove of somber pines the shackly farm-house stood;
    And all the folks, for miles around, did solemnly declare
    That ghosts and goblins horrible held nightly revel there. ...
  • Robert Burns

    I. ...
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