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Anne Finch, Countess of Winchilsea (née Kingsmill; April 1661 – 5 August 1720), was an English poet and courtier. Finch's works often express a desire for respect as a female poet, lamenting her difficult position as a woman in the literary establishment and the court, while writing of "political ideology, religious orientation, and aesthetic sensibility". Her works also allude to other female authors of the time, such as Aphra Behn and Katherine Phillips. Through her commentary on the mental and spiritual equality of the genders and the importance of women fulfilling their potential as a moral duty to themselves and to society, she is regarded as one of the integral female poets of the Restoration Era. Finch died in Westminster in 1720 and was buried at her home ...
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Anne Kingsmill Finch Poems

  • All Is Vanity

    How vain is Life! which rightly we compare
    To flying Posts, that haste away; ...
  • Friendship Between Ephelia And Ardelia
    Eph. What Friendship is, ARDELIA shew.
    Ard. 'Tis to love, as I love You.
    Eph. This Account, so short (tho' kind)
    Suits not my enquiring Mind. ...
  • Cupid And Folly
    CUPID, ere depriv'd of Sight,
    Young and apt for all Delight,
    Met with Folly on the way,
    As Idle and as fond of Play. ...
  • A Letter To The Same Person
    Sure of Success, to You I boldly write,
    Whilst Love do's ev'ry tender Line endite;
    Love, who is justly President of Verse,
    Which all his Servants write, or else rehearse. ...
  • To Death
    O King of Terrors, whose unbounded Sway
    All that have Life, must certainly Obey;
    The King, the Priest, the Prophet, all are Thine,
    Nor wou'd ev'n God (in Flesh) thy Stroke decline. ...
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I Love You 40 Love 40 Heart 37 World 34 Life 32 Place 31 Time 30 Mind 27 Thought 27 Face 26

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  • Orpheus_laments: la passion vaincue by anne kingsmill finch
  • Orpheus_laments: to a husband by anne kingsmill finch
  • Seagoatscreams: softest note of whispered anguish, harmony's refin'dest part, striking, while thou seem'st to languish, full upon the listener's heart ~excerpt from 'a sigh', anne kingsmill finch, 1703
  • Webwight: woman of the day: anne kingsmill finch (1661–1720), countess of winchilsea, english poet. “it has been suggested that she may be the best woman poet in england prior to the nineteenth century.” her work was admired by swift and pope.
  • Hestarkaty: the nymph in vain bestows her pains that seeks to thrive where rumination reigns [not quite anne kingsmill finch]
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