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Eugene Field Sr. (September 2, 1850 – November 4, 1895) was an American writer, best known for his children's poetry and humorous essays. He was known as the "poet of childhood".

Early life and education Field was born in St. Louis, Missouri at 634 S. Broadway where today his boyhood home is open to the public as The Eugene Field House and St. Louis Toy Museum. After the death of his mother in 1856, he was raised by a cousin, Mary Field French, in Amherst, Massachusetts.

Field's father, attorney Roswell Martin Field, was famous for his representation of Dred Scott, the slave who sued for his freedom. Field filed the complaint in the Dred Scott v. Sandford case (sometimes referred to as "the lawsuit that started the Civil War") on behalf of Scott...
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Eugene Field Poems

  • To Quintius Hirpinus
    To Scythian and Cantabrian plots,
    Pay them no heed, O Quintius!
    So long as we
    From care are free, ...
  • The "happy Isles" Of Horace
    Oh, come with me to the Happy Isles
    In the golden haze off yonder,
    Where the song of the sun-kissed breeze beguiles,
    And the ocean loves to wander. ...
  • To Phyllis I
    Come, Phyllis, I've a cask of wine
    That fairly reeks with precious juices,
    And in your tresses you shall twine
    The loveliest flowers this vale produces. ...
  • Uhland's "chapel"
    Yonder stands the hillside chapel
    Mid the evergreens and rocks,
    All day long it hears the song
    Of the shepherd to his flocks. ...
  • Horace I, 31
    As forth he pours the new made wine,
    What blessing asks the lyric poet--
    What boon implores in this fair shrine
    Of one full likely to bestow it? ...
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Love 159 I Love You 159 Sweet 126 Long 111 Song 111 Night 108 Heart 107 Dear 98 Away 95 Time 93

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  • Rouge_ice: haaay, seeing eugene as an actress now.. i mean who would have thought that s.e.s's eugene -- kpop's original visual.. kpop's fairy... would grow to be an excellent actress. to see her growth in this field is so heartwarming.
  • Rock_regional: we want to recognize the following principals from the rock island-milan school district for their dedication to their students, staff, and families. thank you: amy schelker - r.i. center for math & science pat versluis - denkmann elementary dennis weiss - eugene field elementary
  • Ken97109552: "the stars are twinkling in the skies, the earth is lost in slumbers deep; so hush, my sweet, and close thine eyes, and let me lull thy soul to sleep . . ." - lullaby - eugene field - artist - maya lindberg
  • Tulsaworld: with state test scores reflecting the impact of covid-19, the faculty at eugene field and lewis and clark elementary schools are turning to more small group instruction as part of their efforts to help their students get back on track…
  • Kvalnews: traffic alert | semi truck crashed off i-5 into a field near harrisburg, oregon, between salem and eugene five tow truck crews on scene working on recovery plan
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