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Alfred Austin (30 May 1835 – 2 June 1913) was an English poet who was appointed Poet Laureate in 1896, after an interval following the death of Tennyson, when the other candidates had either caused controversy or refused the honour. It was claimed that he was being rewarded for his support for the Conservative leader Lord Salisbury in the General Election of 1895. Austin's poems are little-remembered today, his most popular work being prose idylls celebrating nature.

Wilfred Scawen Blunt wrote of him, β€œHe is an acute and ready reasoner, and is well read in theology and science. It is strange his poetry should be such poor stuff, and stranger still that he should imagine it immortal.”


Alfred Austin was born in Headingley, near Leeds, on 30 May 1...
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Alfred Austin Poems

  • At Shelley-s Grave
    Beneath this marble, mute of praise,
    Is hushed the heart of One
    Who, whilst it beat, had eagle's gaze
    To stare upon the sun. ...
  • The White Pall Of Peace
    Over the peaceful veldt,
    Silently, snowflakes fall!
    Silently, slow, unfelt,
    Cover the Past with a pall! ...
  • Vis Medicatrix Naturae
    When Faith turns false and Fancy grows unkind,
    And Fortune, more from fickleness than spite,
    Takes the keen savour out of all delight,
    And of sweet pulp leaves only bitter rind, ...
  • All Hail To The Czar!
    All hail to the Czar! By the fringe of the foam
    That thunders, untamed, around Albion's shore,
    See multitudes throng, dense as sea-birds whose home
    Is betwixt the deaf rocks and the ocean's mad roar; ...
  • Alea Jacta
    Dearest, I know thee wise and good,
    Beloved by all the best;
    With fancy like Ithuriel's spear,
    A judgment proof 'gainst rage or fear, ...
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Allthelittleeps: while there is one untrodden tract for intellect or will, and men are free to think and act life is worth living still." alfred austin (1835-1913)
Joseromanenghi: phil van madeline austin keith alfred phyllis strachey
Adrielrojascha1: phil van madeline austin keith alfred phyllis strachey
Kendipazarim: phil van madeline austin keith alfred phyllis strachey
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