Not atop a hill, nor in a religious place,
Not a leader, nor a sage in a hermitage,
Not a king, nor a healer prima facie,
But in my Son, lies my Guru !

For it takes a soul as pure as him,
To awaken the spirituality within,
For it is he who made me evolve,
Coming a long distance from where I was.

The whims and fancies of yesteryears,
The aims and ambitions once so paramount,
The disappointment and despairs in life,
The struggles and sacrifices as I went along,
All seem so trivial now,
In front of his doting eyes and soulful smile !

My world through his eyes,
And his world through mine.
I see the strongest bond nature has ever created,
That of pure, unconditional love,
Of a Mother and Child !

How many will he inspire when he grows up,
How many will submit to his command,
I wonder, but today and always,
Truly in my Son, my Little Krishna,
Lies my Guru, my inspiration, my Soul !
...Divya Johar