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  • Wine Of Love
    Come O' cup-bearer, let me drink deep of your wine of love,
    Keep me intoxicated through and through,
    I long to live and leave as a drunken man,
    Let me drink my fill, goblet upon goblet, ...
  • Immortal Notes
    What's this mystic flute that sounds
    immortal notes,
    Even after we pass away to other world,
    Take refuge in this flute sound -- ...
  • I Fancy
    Rising from the depths of marshy lagoon,
    O’erwhelmed with music and light,
    I fancy my original home face to face -- the fathomless ocean,
    O shall I ever enter my home! ...
  • Free Me From Self
    In the space between love and hate,
    Where heart mourns in its prison,
    Eyes in distress rain blood-red tears,
    Soul craves to roll back, and walk to eternal light, ...
  • Do Not Shed A Tear

    I shall fight alone, all alone--
    The battle against my Satan, ...
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