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  • In Memoriam - Alice Fane Gunn Stenhouse
    The grand, authentic songs that roll
    Across grey widths of wild-faced sea,
    The lordly anthems of the Pole,
    Are loud upon the lea. ...
  • Frank Denz
    In the roar of the storm, in the wild bitter voice of the tempest-whipped sea,
    The cry of my darling, my child, comes ever and ever to me;
    And I stand where the haggard-faced wood stares down on a sinister shore,
    But all that is left is the hood of the babe I can cherish no more. ...
  • Aboriginal Death-song
    Feet of the flying, and fierce
    Tops of the sharp-headed spear,
    Hard by the thickets that pierce,
    Lo! they are nimble and near. ...
  • In Memoriam. - A. L. Gordon.
    At rest! Hard by the margin of that sea
    Whose sounds are mingled with his noble verse,
    Now lies the shell that never more will house
    The fine, strong spirit of my gifted friend. ...
  • Mount Erebus (a Fragment)
    A mighty theatre of snow and fire,
    Girt with perpetual Winter, and sublime
    By reason of that lordly solitude
    Which dwells for ever at the world's white ends; ...
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  • Tudorblogger: book review – ‘henry viii in 100 objects: the tyrant king who had six wives’ by paul kendall
  • Tudorblogger: 3 of 5 stars to henry viii in 100 objects by paul kendall
  • Paulkendall2: the mary rose. as featured in ‘henry viii in 100 objects’ by paul kendall, now available from pen & sword limited.
  • Reginasbread: different side of regina: 1. she eats something beside kale salad 2. henry pukes on her freely
  • Jay_rens: i’m embarrassed that i just became aware of the dj henry case, but it is absolutely infuriating. for details on the case and places to donate watch kendall raes video with links in her bio on ways to support.
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