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What Is Love

The funny humanity of today breaks hearts
All we want is to be seen in the internet
All she wants is to wear an expensive ring
My heart is pure yet she forgets that

Ibthlhal Abdul
The Cigar

Some sigh for this and that,
My wishes don't go far;
The world may wag at will,
So I have my cigar.

Thomas Hood
Song Of Myself

I celebrate myself, and sing myself,
And what I assume you shall assume,
For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you.

Walt Whitman

I've got to tell you
how I love you always
I think of it on grey
mornings with death

Frank O'hara
A Child's Garden

R. L. Stevenson

Now there is nothing wrong with me

Rudyard Kipling
Song Of Seventy Horses

Once again the Steamer at Calais, the tackles
Easing the car-trays on to the quay. Release her!
Sign-refill, and let me away with my horses
(Seventy Thundering Horses!)

Rudyard Kipling
The Winner

The hulk of a man with a beer in his hand looked like a drunk old fool,
And I knew that if I hit him right, I could knock him off that stool.
But everybody said, 'Watch out, that's Tiger Man McCool.
He's had a whole lot of fights, and he always come out the winner.

Shel Silverstein

A Short Poem or Else Not Say I

True pleasure breathes not city air,
Nor in Art's temples dwells,

Charlotte Brontë
Ode To Aphrodite

Deathless Aphrodite, throned in flowers,
Daughter of Zeus, O terrible enchantress,
With this sorrow, with this anguish, break my spirit
Lady, not longer!

Sonnet 007: Lo, In The Orient When The Gracious Light

Lo, in the orient when the gracious light
Lifts up his burning head, each under eye
Doth homage to his new-appearing sight,
Serving with looks his sacred majesty;

William Shakespeare
The Waste Land

‘Nam Sibyllam quidem Cumis ego ipse oculis meis
vidi in ampulla pendere, et cum illi pueri dicerent:
Sibylla ti theleis; respondebat illa: apothanein thelo.'


T. S. Eliot
Bénédiction (benediction)

Lorsque, par un décret des puissances suprêmes,
Le Poète apparaît en ce monde ennuyé,
Sa mère épouvantée et pleine de blasphèmes
Crispe ses poings vers Dieu, qui la prend en pitié:

Charles Baudelaire
Assumpta Maria

Mortals, that behold a Woman,
Rising 'twixt the Moon and Sun;
Who am I the heavens assume? an
All am I, and I am one.

Francis Thompson
Endymion: Book I


A Poetic Romance.


John Keats
Song (she’s Somewhere In The Sunlight Strong)

She's somewhere in the sunlight strong,
Her tears are in the falling rain,
She calls me in the wind's soft song,
And with the flowers she comes again.

Richard Le Gallienne
Walt Whitman


And what I assume you shall assume;

Walt Whitman
Last May A Braw Wooer.

Tune - "The Lothian Lassie."


Robert Burns
Let Me Die A Youngman's Death

Let me die a youngman's death
not a clean and inbetween
the sheets holywater death
not a famous-last-words

Roger Mcgough


Captive on a foreign shore,
Far from Ilion's hoary wave,

George Meredith
A Song

sat on the sofa
and I sat near.
The handkerchief could be yours,
the tear could be mine, chin-bound.

Joseph Brodsky
The Little Ladybird

Ladybird, ladybird! fly away home!
The field-mouse has gone to her nest,
The daisies have shut up their sleepy red eyes,
And the bees and the birds are at rest.

Caroline Southey
A Goodnight

Go to sleep-though of course you will not-
to tideless waves thundering slantwise against
strong embankments, rattle and swish of spray
dashed thirty feet high, caught by the lake wind,

William Carlos Williams
Tender Arrivals

Where ever something breathes
Heart beating the rise and fall
Of mountains, the waves upon the sky
Of seas, the terror is our ignorance, that's

Amiri Baraka
A Casualty

That boy I took in the car last night,
With the body that awfully sagged away,
And the lips blood-crisped, and the eyes flame-bright,
And the poor hands folded and cold as clay-

Robert Service
Birds In The Night

Vous n'avez pas eu toute patience,
Cela se comprend par malheur, de reste.
Vous êtes si jeune! et l'insouciance,
C'est le lot amer de l'âge céleste!

Paul Verlaine
To Winter

O Winter! bar thine adamantine doors:
The north is thine; there hast thou built thy dark
Deep-founded habitation. Shake not thy roofs,
Nor bend thy pillars with thine iron car.'

William Blake
Red Lights

You see faces with no identity ,
You see bodies with no destiny.
Men slow down their cars on the road,
Where 'love' is sold,

Arpita Ghosh
Free Town

Trudging down the route,
the dark and feared one,
Cornellia saw a small angel turned demon


Yusuf Olabisi
The Dog Lovers

So they bought you
And kept you in a
Very good home
Cental heating

Spike Milligan

My country, My home,
My King, My Leader,
My Parents, My Teacher
My name, My identity.

Norbu Dorji
The Songs Of Selma

ARGUMENTAddress to the evening star:

An apostrophe to Fingal and his times. Minonasings before the king the song of the unfortunate Colma; and the bards exhibit other specimens of their poetical talents; according to an annual custom established by the monarchs of the ancient Caledonians.


James Macpherson
O Whistle, And I'll Come To You.


O whistle, and I'll come to you, my lad,
O whistle, and I'll come to you, my lad:

Robert Burns
Non Es Meravelha S'eu Chan

Non es meravelha s'eu chan
melhs de nul autre chantador,
que plus me tra.l cors vas amor
el melhs sui faihz a so coman.

Bernard De Ventadorn
Abandoned Dog

They dumped it on the lonely road,
Then like a streak they sped;
And as along the way I strode
I thought that it was dead:

Robert Service
Afternoon Tea

As I was saying . . . (No, thank you; I never take cream with my tea;
Cows weren't allowed in the trenches-got out of the habit, y'see.)
As I was saying, our Colonel leaped up like a youngster of ten:
“Come on, lads!” he shouts, “and we'll show 'em,” and he sprang to the head of the men.

Robert Service

If I were Lord of Tartary,
Myself, and me alone,
My bed should be of ivory,
Of beaten gold my throne;

Walter De La Mare

“little soul, little flirting,
little perverse one
where are you off to now?
little wan one, firm one

Delmore Schwartz
Sunday Morning

Down the road someone is practising scales,
The notes like little fishes vanish with a wink of tails,
Man's heart expands to tinker with his car
For this is Sunday morning, Fate's great bazaar;

Louis Macneice
An Ode To My Love

Oda a su amante

Typical night
I found myself being with a guy

Angela Bugtai
The Unknown Citizen

(To JS/07/M/378/ This Marble Monument
Is Erected by the State)

He was found by the Bureau of Statistics to be

W. H. Auden
Over The Darkened City

Over the darkened city, the city of towers,
The city of a thousand gates,
Over the gleaming terraced roofs, the huddled towers,
Over a somnolent whisper of loves and hates,

Conrad Potter Aiken

I thought I would go daft when Joey died.
He was my first, and wise beyond his years.
For nigh a hundred nights I cried and cried,
Until my weary eyes burned up my tears.

Robert Service
The Dark Road

Black beauty.
That's what I thought.
It was beautiful.
Darkness flooded the area.

Nicole Fryer
Endymion: Book Iv

Muse of my native land! loftiest Muse!
O first-born on the mountains! by the hues
Of heaven on the spiritual air begot:
Long didst thou sit alone in northern grot,

John Keats

We've travelled per Joe Gardiner, a humping of our swag
In the country of the Gidgee and Belar.
We've swum the Di'mantina with our raiment in a bag,
And we've travelled per superior motor car,

Banjo Paterson
Sonnet—to Science

Science! true daughter of Old Time thou art!
Who alterest all things with thy peering eyes.
Why preyest thou thus upon the poet's heart,
Vulture, whose wings are dull realities

Edgar Allan Poe
Home And Where It Is

(An Indiana judge has recently ruled: As to the right of the
husband to decide the location of the home that “home is
where the husband is.”)


Alice Duer Miller
Amoureuse Du Diable

A Stéphane Mallarmé.

Il parle italien avec un accent russe.

Paul Verlaine

Through the starry hollow
Of the summer night
I would follow, follow
Hesperus the bright,

C. S. Lewis

We are what we repeatedly do.

You know how it is waking

Deborah Ager