You see faces with no identity ,
You see bodies with no destiny.
Men slow down their cars on the road,
Where 'love' is sold,
They gaze at the streets,
Where emotions never meet.

She sells herself for money,
To give her child a better reality.
She is like a bird,
Whose wings are cut.

If you look at the girls in those dresses,
You'll notice something which remains suppressed,
Hurt, pain , tears,
And endless fear.

Behind the fluorescent saree,
And makeup so wild,
There's a mother,
Desperate to earn for her child.

She burns within everyday,
She wants her child to be happy and gay,

She's a living corpse with,
Burried hopes and
Shattered dreams ,
Silent she looks ,
But inside she screams.

Her existence is an illusion.
She's living a life of exclusion.

Today when you cross that road,
And they look at you,
As your car slows,
Don't stop to gaze and stare,
Smile gently in respect,
To show that you actually care.