Black beauty.
That's what I thought.
It was beautiful.
Darkness flooded the area.
Lights every now and then surfacing as darkness smothered them. So beautiful I couldn't stop looking at it.
What a sight.
The trees edged on along the road.
Frightful to step on it afraid it might swallow them up.
Staring at the darkness I felt peace. Nothing I felt nothing.
Everything was calm.
Nothing bubbled up threatening to consume me as I sat there staring.
Music playing as we drove.
Darkness. It was so beautiful.
It felt like home. The road. The wind blowing through my hair.
Smiling I wanted to ride forever.
To never stop.
To feel the wind though my hair.
The reflector singing light to me.
Headlights disappear and reappear round bends.
See that beauty.
See the darkness.
The car nears it's destination.
Which means the end of my happiness.
The end of my drive.
It slows down to a halt.
Starring me last time at the road I smiled.
We will meet again.
One last look at the end of the road.
One last at my friend.