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S. K. Kelen (born in Sydney in 1956) is a poet and educator. His father, Stephen Istvan Kelen, was a journalist and writer, and his brother, Christopher Kelen, is also a poet. S. K. Kelen began publishing poetry in 1973, when he won a Poetry Australia contest for young poets and several of his poems were published in that journal.

Kelen attended the University of Sydney, where he studied Philosophy and Literature. After graduating he worked in Sydney in various jobs then Canberra as a civil servant, and reviewed books for the Canberra Times. He has also been a visiting professor at the University of South Dakota in 1996, and Asialink Writer in Residence in Vietnam in 1998. In 2005 he completed a Ph.D. from the University of Adelaide. He taught poetry...
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S. K. Kelen Poems

  • Fission
    White glow melts life
    freezes shadow, twisted bottle
    the birth of the transistor
    and then....
  • Venice
    Bugsa Bunny you're the sanest man
    in all Italia last hope for risorgimento
    singing Santa Lucia in the barber shop
    glorious ears twitching your gondola...
  • Understand
    wild animals become divinely rare
    their habitats wild homes are soft earth & tree
    cannot flee before the bulldozer concrete
    flame and smoke desert where only wheat...
  • Thousand Star Hotel, Hanoi

    Over the road from the three star Galaxy Hotel is our hotel,
    the old park on Phan Dinh Phung Street,...
  • The Spheres

    The sun is burning a hole in your pocket
    and though very slowly you are making...
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I Love You 8 Love 8 Life 8 Light 7 Night 6 Time 6 Car 5 Never 5 Tree 5 Place 5

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  • Emma_lee1: my review of s k kelen's "a happening in hades"
  • Plmwdmountain: new on pmj. australian poet, publisher and editor les wicks reviews ‘plague animals’ by rebecca edwards & ‘a happening in hades’ by s k kelen. visit
  • Jprapke: house of rats by s. k. kelen they're up there, all right, in the roof playing scrabble, listening to scratchy old fats waller records. they started out a gang of desperadoes escaped from a laboratory, arrived via a garbage truck up overhanging tree…
  • Jprapke: fission by s. k. kelen white glow melts life freezes shadow, twisted bottle the birth of the transistor and then. of doom wide open flash bang flash bang dead ballet in radium stuck to the walls that disintegrate at the speed of light. hiroshima…
  • Jprapke: earthly delights by s. k. kelen it was about the time tiger balm and a host of liniments entered mainstream consciousness i found the best path through galloping middle age was the garden path. gardening brought an easy oneness with the good itchy…
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Van Jonson: Only one of these books is by S. K. Kelen.
Bryan z: SKK’s poems rule!
Yvonne Meltingheart: Wonderful poems.

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