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Harriet Monroe (December 23, 1860 – September 26, 1936) was an American editor, scholar, literary critic, poet, and patron of the arts. She is best known as the founding publisher and long-time editor of Poetry magazine, first published in 1912. As a supporter of the poets Wallace Stevens, Ezra Pound, H. D., T. S. Eliot, William Carlos Williams, Carl Sandburg, Max Michelson and others, Monroe played an important role in the development of modern poetry. Her correspondence with early twentieth century poets provides a wealth of information on their thoughts and motives.

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Harriet Monroe Poems

  • April -- North Carolina
    Would you not be in Tryon
       Now that the spring is here,
    When mocking-birds are praising
       The fresh, the blossomy year? ...
  • The Message Of The Wind
    The wind comes riding down from heaven.
    Ho! wind of heaven, what do you bring?
    Cool for the dawn, dew for the even,
    And every sweetest thing. ...
  • In The Beginning
    WHEN sunshine met the wave,
    Then love was born;
    Then Venus rose to save
    A world forlorn....
  • A Farewell
    GOOD-BY: nay, do not grieve that it is over-
    The perfect hour;
    That the winged joy, sweet honey-loving rover,
    Flits from the flower....
  • A Letter To One Far Away
    Dear Wanderer-
    The sky is gray,
    With flecks of blue
    The clouds rush over. ...
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World 37 White 32 Night 31 Blue 29 Sun 29 Away 28 I Love You 27 Love 27 Earth 26 Long 26

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  • Billthebeaver: fort monroe was both the location where the first african slaves reached north america in 1619, and a place in the south where folks who escaped slavery could find refuge! harriet tubman briefly tended to refuge seekers at a hospital here, but left because of inequality in care!
  • Plastic_bio: 'verse libertines' pioneered the work to get rid of obstacles between that which hampered the poet and separated him from his audience, less a matter of rules and formulae , more a return of spirit. - harriet monroe
  • Lizziespeller: “like a narcissus in a bowl of stones. she croons to a baby in her lap - the trees come swinging by to listen, and the electric lights in the ceiling are stars.” on the train by harriet monroe (1860-1936)
  • Columba_1: pound writing to harriet monroe, in 1914:
  • Inoocentboy12: 13.8% are principles of psychology, founded in 1912 by harriet monroe, who
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