Oda a su amante

Typical night
I found myself being with a guy
I knew I ought not to trust forthwith
But then again, I didn't regret even a single jiffy for entrusting myself to him that momentous evening
And that's merely the start of our story

Hey baby ❤️
You unhinged my doomy discernment about love
Could you still remember?
It started with one hello in social media til we both decided to meet
The anticipation I had towards you was a lil bit disgruntling
I was expecting that night to be infront of an stodgy slob that knows nothing at all but to brag about his self and talk about his selfish intentions
From his favorite color, the perfume of his choice, the toothpaste that he uses, the brand of his car, the degree he has, the origin of his name , his family tree, how he breath, how did he become human and so forth
Those nonsense discourse that has nothing to do with me nor with us and is obviously very irrelevant. And to be honest with you, that is based on a tragic experience and I'm quite afraid to feel the sense of deja vu again, with you.

But baby, i beg your pardon
for I had realized that those were just some sort of an absurd and far-fetched expectations
You were just so nice that you made me forget that I was once fooled by someone before
I was carried away by how you initiate talks and how you listen attentively to my shy remarks
you were such a good conversationalist and a connoisseur of watever and I would lie to myself if I won't admit that.

The battle between my heart and my head drives me nuts sometimes
I am afraid to fall, for there's no assurance that you would catch me
It's like falling into a vast ocean with no one to save me
I am afraid that my feelings won't be reciprocated.
I'm willing to take risk now
Because being with you is like a spur-of-the-moment experience
and I wouldn't mind wasting my time with you
Nobody has the capability to foretell our future
That is why I always prefer to pay no mind counting days with you
Better not capture moments either
Instead I want to live with it.
And I must admit it baby, I am silently praying that our story will not just end right after tomorrow.