Who is Walter De La Mare

Walter de la MareWalter de la Mare in 1924
(photo by Lady Ottoline Morrell)BornWalter John de la Mare
(1873-04-25)25 April 1873
Charlton, Kent, England, UKDied22 June 1956(1956-06-22) (aged 83)
Twickenham, Middlesex, England, UK...
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Walter De La Mare Poems

  • Treachery
    She had amid her ringlets bound
    Green leaves to rival their dark hue;
    How could such locks with beauty bound
    Dry up their dew, ...
  • The Vacant Day
    As I did walk in meadows green
    I heard the summer noon resound
    With call of myriad things unseen
    That leapt and crept upon the ground. ...
  • Five Eyes
    In Hans' old Mill his three black cats
    Watch the bins for the thieving rats.
    Whisker and claw, they crouch in the night,
    Their five eyes smouldering green and bright: ...
  • O Dear Me!
    Here are crocuses, white, gold, grey!
    'O dear me!' says Marjorie May;
    Flat as a platter the blackberry blows:
    'O dear me!' says Madeleine Rose; ...
  • Imogen
    Even she too dead! all languor on her brow,
    All mute humanity's last simpleness, -
    And yet the roses in her cheeks unfallen!
    Can death haunt silence with a silver sound? ...
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Comments about Walter De La Mare

  • Robinhood_bham: this week, y5 have planned and written a narrative based on ‘the listeners’ poem by walter de la mare. they included powerful adjectives to describe the house and the traveller as well as using figurative language and dialogue. their learning to learn behaviours shone throughout!
  • Cejarvis: oh! and also.... was fleming a walter de la mare fan? likely.
  • Wallacepolsom: four more illustrations by dorothy p. lathrop (1891-1980) for walter de la mare, down-adown-derry: a book of fairy poems (1902).
  • Wallacepolsom: four illustrations by dorothy p. lathrop (1891-1980) for walter de la mare, down-adown-derry: a book of fairy poems (1902).
  • Qspragoo: the listeners (1912) by walter de la mare. just a poem i really love that i'm throwing out here for anyone else who might love poetry:
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