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Francis Thompson (16 December 1859 – 13 November 1907) was an English poet and mystic. At the behest of his father, a doctor, he entered medical school at the age of 18, but at 26 left home to pursue his talent as a writer and poet. He spent three years on the streets of London, supporting himself with menial labour, becoming addicted to opium which he took to relieve a nervous problem.

In 1888 a married couple, publishers, read his poetry and took him into their home for a time. They were to publish his first book Poems in 1893. In 1897, he switched to writing prose, drawing inspiration from life in the countryside, Wales and Storrington. His health, always fragile, continued to deteriorate and he died of tuberculosis in 1907. By that time he had published three book...
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Francis Thompson Poems

  • Beginning Of End
    She was aweary of the hovering
    Of Love's incessant tumultuous wing;
    Her lover's tokens she would answer not--
    'Twere well she should be strange with him somewhat: ...
  • Messages
    What shall I your true-love tell,
    Earth-forsaking maid?
    What shall I your true-love tell,
    When life's spectre's laid? ...
  • Dedication To Coventry Patmore.
    Lo, my book thinks to look Time's leaguer down,
    Under the banner of your spread renown!
    Or if these levies of impuissant rhyme
    Fall to the overthrow of assaulting Time, ...
  • To A Child
    Whenas my life shall time with funeral tread
    The heavy death-drum of the beaten hours,
    Following, sole mourner, mine own manhood dead,
    Poor forgot corse, where not a maid strows flowers; ...
  • Penelope
    Love, like a wind, shook wide your blosmy eyes,
    You trembled, and your breath came sobbing-wise
    For that you loved me.
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Sweet 54 Love 41 I Love You 41 Heart 40 Heaven 39 Soul 32 Earth 30 Song 28 God 28 Great 28

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  • Kilgourdowdy: “the hills look over on the south, / and southward dreams the sea; / and with the sea-breeze hand in hand / came innocence and she.” this fragment from francis thompson’s poem “daisy”
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