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  • Can Vei La Lauzeta ( L'envoi Chanté Par Jean-luc):
    Tristans, ges no.n auretz de me,
    qu'eu m'en vau, chaitius, no sai on,
    De chantar me gic e.m recre
    e de joi e d'amor m'escon....
  • Bel M'es Can Eu Vei La Brolha
    Bel m'es can eu vei la bròlha
    reverdir per mei lo brolh
    e.lh ram son cubert de folha
    e.l rossinhols sotz de folh ...
  • Tant Ai Mo Cor
    Tant ai mo cor ple de joya,
    tot me desnatura.
    Flor blancha, vermeilh'e groya
    me par la frejura, ...
  • The Nightingale
    When grass grows green, and fresh leaves spring,
    And flowers are budding on the plain,
    When nightingales so sweetly sing,
    And through the greenwood swells the strain, ...
  • Lancan Vei Per Mei La Landa
    Lancan vei per mei la landa
    dels arbres chazer la fòlha,
    ans que.lh frejura s'espanda
    ni.l gens termini s'esconda, ...
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  • Ghachuska1: imagine braking up w/ your girlfriend circa s. xii and a mf named bernard de ventadorn drops this. i'd be crying :((((:(((((:((((
  • Alevitskmusic: teaching the troubadours to my intro to humanities class today, and a student compared bernard de ventadorn’s quan vei la lauzeta mover” to biz markie’s “just a friend.” a pluses all around
  • Casanuevia: name spelled a dozen different ways in as many historical sources -- for bernart we often read bernatz or bernard, and for de ventadorn we might find de or del ventador or ventedorn, and so on and so on. but, peculiarities of nomenclature aside, bernat still is of great interest
  • Cpacmicrowave: dr. baker’s love for bernard de ventadorn’s la dousa votz lives rent free in my head
  • Davidgrayless: bernart de ventadorn, also known as bernard de ventadour or bernat del ventadorn, was a prominent troubadour of the classical age of troubadour poetry. he was born in 1135, and died in 1194.
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