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ancient Greek lyric poet from Lesbos For other uses, see Sappho (disambiguation). Head of a woman from the Glyptothek in Munich, identified as "probably" a copy of Silanion's fourth-century BC imaginative portrait of Sappho Sappho (/ˈsæfoʊ/; Aeolic Greek Ψαπφώ Psapphô; c. 630 – c. 570 BC) was an A...
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Sappho Poems

  • No Word
    I have had not one word from her

    Frankly I wish I were dead.
    When she left, she wept ...
  • To A Bride
    Bride, around whom the rosy leaves are flying,
    Sweet image of the Cyprian undying,
    The bed awaits thee; go, and with him lying,
    Give to the groom thy sweetness, softly sighing. ...
  • An Epithalamium
    Fragments 91, 92, 99, 106, 104, 103, 100, 105, 101, 102, 96, 109, 93, 94, 97, 95, and 133 combined.

    Raise high the beams of the raftered hall,
    (Sing the Hymen-refrain!) ...
  • Thy Form Is Lovely
    Thy form is lovely and thine eyes are honeyed,
    O'er thy face the pale
    Clear light of love lies like a veil.
    Bidding thee rise, ...
  • The Anactoria Poem
    Some say thronging cavalry, some say foot soldiers,
    others call a fleet the most beautiful of
    sights the dark earth offers, but I say it's what-
    ever you love best. ...
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I Love You 33 Love 33 Heart 16 Sweet 15 Aphrodite 12 Earth 12 Light 11 Mother 11 Child 11 Golden 11

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  • Lenalth0rs: let’s normalize thanking katie mcgrath for existing
  • Diluciuvrr: do you like sappho ( from. oh, you know ) — im so late im so sorryyyyy :( also wasn’t sappho a poet?
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  • Feefers: reminder, the hackers did not do anything that stopped the pipeline, they locked the payment records and colonial pipeline shut the pipe down so nobody would get free gas.
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