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Was born and raised in Kenya. Been writing poems since I was in high school I love writing feels words are more expressed when they are not said...
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  • Need For Equality
    How is inequality a good thing for girls
    Why do women and girls killed for honor
    What is honor if you kill the people that look out for you
    How is it a girls fault to be who she wants to be ...
  • Dear Future Husband
    It won't be about the white dress I will wear
    It will not be about the food and the guest
    It will not be about the beauty of my makeup
    All I want is you to know am always here ...
  • War To Find Humanity
    She cries but her pain unheard
    She needs help but fingers pointed at her
    Her dignity destroyed but is not her wish
    She cries for she was forced to it ...
  • Finding Love
    Am going to write my story in words
    Been that girl who fell in love a little bit late
    After walking away from the one I loved
    Then did my best to try and correct my mistakes ...
  • Unspoken
    Some things sometimes feel like a black hole
    A dream that cannot be shaken off
    Yet we depend on it to survive
    Love is a feeling that connects hearts ...
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Love 8 I Love You 8 Life 7 Heart 4 Time 4 Beautiful 4 Humanity 4 Feel 3 Child 3 Smile 3

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Kelvin: Simple and melodious to the mind.
George: That is great even you have remind me about my living when I was in primary level. I thank you so much

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