Who is Richard Le Gallienne

Richard Le Gallienne (20 January 1866 – 15 September 1947) was an English author and poet. The British-American actress Eva Le Gallienne (1899–1991) was his daughter by his second marriage to Danish journalist Julie Nørregaard (1863–1942).

Life and career

He was born Richard Thomas Gallienne in Liverpool, England, to a middle-class family. He attended the (then) all boys public school Liverpool College. After leaving school he changed his name to Le Gallienne and started work in an accountant's office in London. In 1883, his father took him to a lecture by Oscar Wilde in Birkenhead. He soon abandoned this job to become a professional writer with ambitions of being a poet. His book My Ladies' Sonnets appeared in 1887, and in 1889 he became, for a brief time, ...
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Richard Le Gallienne Poems

  • Young Love I - "surely At Last, O Lady, The Sweet Moon"
    N.B. - This sequence of poems has appeared in former editions under the title of 'Love Platonic.'

    I ...
  • Tree-worship - (to John Lane)
    Vast and mysterious brother, ere was yet of me
    So much as men may poise upon a needle's end,
    Still shook with laughter all this monstrous might of thee,
    And still with haughty crest it called the morning friend. ...
  • Tobacco Next
    They took away your drink from you,
    The kind old humanizing glass;
    Soon they will take tobacco too,
    And next they'll take our demi-tasse. ...
  • The Loveliest Face And The Wild Rose
    The loveliest face! I turned to her
    Shut in 'mid savage rocks and trees; -
    'Twas in the May-time of the year,
    And our two hearts were filled with ease - ...
  • The Afternoon Is Lonely For Your Face
    The afternoon is lonely for your face,
    The pampered morning mocks the day's decline -
    I was so rich at noon, the sun was mine,
    Mine the sad sea that in that rocky place ...
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P_g_anderson: scouring richard le gallienne's victorian translation of the medieval persian poet hafiz for a stanza or two that might fit into a celebration of the coronation, alongside biblical texts. le gallienne was born in liverpool. hafiz is strong on wine, women & song, less so kingship.
Rgtrendsetter: a wholesome oblivion of one's neighbours is the beginning of wisdom. -richard le gallienne ralphgail asapakensiayumi
Motivazer: a wholesome oblivion of one's neighbours is the beginning of wisdom. - richard le gallienne
Noellecanty: in heaven's blue bowl the wine of morning brims, a little cloud, a rose-leaf, in it swims, the thirsty earth drinks morning from a bowl whose sides are space and crusted stars its rims. -- stanza 2, the rubaiyat of omar khayyam, trans. richard le gallienne
Kleinehippias: strange hidden thing, that beats and beats we know not why, and makes us live, though we indeed would rather die. richard le gallienne- the heart unseen
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saurav kumar : where is the summary of the poem The kind little creatures-

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