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Contents Career Arpita Ghosh began her career in the theater in 1998 at age 31. She acted and directed throughout the early 2000s.
Early life and theatre journeyArpita Ghosh joined theatre at the end of 1998. She started working in a group named ‘Fourth Wall’ for more than a year and acted in two major plays of the group.In January 2000 she joined Pancham Ved Charjashram as a student of theatre. After completing the course of 1 year, she started working with Pancham Vaidic.Pancham Vaidic activitiesIn 2003 Arpita first directed a c...
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Arpita Ghosh Poems

  • Eacape
    Lost , dejected,
    Lonely , I feel,
    I have scars waiting ,
    To heal. ...
  • Gone
    When death will close my eyelids,
    And my heart will cease to beat,
    When my restless body,
    Will finally be still, ...
  • Red Lights
    You see faces with no identity ,
    You see bodies with no destiny.
    Men slow down their cars on the road,
    Where 'love' is sold, ...
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Life 3 Never 2 Death 2 Heart 2 Sorrow 2 Smile 2 Pain 2 Broken 2 Happy 2 Love 1

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