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Born in the land of thunder dragon ( Bhutan) in buddhist family. I work as a forentline staff in Department of Forest & Park Services. Since my school days I love reading poetry because poets are very creative in imagination and write very wonderful & powerful short verses and pharase. I started writing poetry from 2017. I write no good poems, still I love writing poems. Now poetry became my language to convey my every messages i feel deep inside my heart...
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Norbu Dorji Poems

  • Supreme Commander
    King father once said
    I will not sit in my palace
    Orders & send you in frontline
    I will lead you in battlefield to fight. ...
  • Camoflague Frontliner
    Invisible enemy
    Broke the gate to destroy
    Hidden enemy left hiding
    Inside the bush without much destruction. ...
  • My King
    Three precious jewels of Pelden Drukpa
    My King is a crown of jewels
    My country is the foundation jewels
    The inhabitants are the protectors jewels. ...
  • Deathless
    Deathless is a word of conceptual thought
    We all love to have
    But none of us can feel it & hold it
    We get lost in the conceptual word. ...
  • Update
    The earth rotates at 1674 km / hr
    Everything changes in this short period of time.
    One should update every second and minute.
    With the speed of rotation. ...
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Namgay Wangchuk : Great work azha...
I have been reading ur poems. Ur poems r well structure n conveying good messages.

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