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Born in the land of thunder dragon ( Bhutan) in buddhist family. I work as a forentline staff in Department of Forest & Park Services. Since my school days I love reading poetry because poets are very creative in imagination and write very wonderful & powerful short verses and pharase. I started writing poetry from 2017. I write no good poems, still I love writing poems. Now poetry became my language to convey my every messages i feel deep inside my heart...
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  • Name That Smell Sweet
    Name that smells sweet than the rose,
    The name upon hearing which chiseled my heart,
    The name that dominated my mind,
    What I find in that name is, ...
  • We Are Shaped By Yesterday.
    Some were born rich
    Some were born disadvantaged
    Some are beautiful
    Some were born disabled ...
  • Power Of Prayer
    Prayer is a method
    Action is wisdom
    Prayer is a call to action
    Action is the fruit of prayer. ...
  • Heroic King
    The land of Gross National Happiness
    The blessing of prosperity
    Sovereignty of this land
    All debt to nobleman. ...
  • Brotherhood
    We were born with different culture
    We speak a different language
    We lived with demarcated boundary
    However, we are connected at heart. ...
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Namgay Wangchuk : Great work azha...
I have been reading ur poems. Ur poems r well structure n conveying good messages.

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