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  • Gilbert

    ABOVE the city hung the moon,
    Right o'er a plot of ground ...
  • Parting
    THERE'S no use in weeping,
    Though we are condemned to part:
    There's such a thing as keeping
    A remembrance in one's heart: ...
  • Presentiment
    ' SISTER, you've sat there all the day,
    Come to the hearth awhile;
    The wind so wildly sweeps away,
    The clouds so darkly pile. ...
  • Frances
    SHE will not sleep, for fear of dreams,
    But, rising, quits her restless bed,
    And walks where some beclouded beams
    Of moonlight through the hall are shed. ...
  • Stanzas
    IF thou be in a lonely place,
    If one hour's calm be thine,
    As Evening bends her placid face
    O'er this sweet day's decline; ...
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  • Ms_absalom: finally, a quiz that really gets me. i got charlotte brontë.
  • Darcoshryn: nature seemed to me benign and good; i thought she loved me, outcast as i was; and i, who from man could anticipate only mistrust, rejection, insult, clung to her with filial fondness. to-night at lea .. - charlotte brontë
  • Php4tweet: i try to avoid looking forward or backward, and try to keep looking upward. -charlotte bronte
  • Liz_mcfie: "...one of those small but sharp recollections that return, lacerating your self-respect like tiny penknives, and f...
  • Myriatadros: i do not think, sir, you have any right to command me, merely because you are older than i, or because you have see...
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