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The room is full of you!-As I came in
And closed the door behind me, all at once
A something in the air, intangible,
Yet stiff with meaning, struck my senses sick!-
Edna St. Vincent Millay

Edna St. Vincent Millay
When Love Turns To Thorn

Love is a mirror
The reflection of the mind
Love is a word
The expression of the mind
Ola Olawale

Ola Olawale
Expression Of Pain

He Comes.. Goes... Goes.. Comes..
Hates... Loves...
Scolds.... Smiles....
Slaps... Cares...
Honey Narayan

Honey Narayan
Hey There

Hey There,
That day when I got a match with you
I was not sure whether to talk with you
From that day I was sure I will soon get attach with you
Devyan Das

Devyan Das
Uncle Sammy.

Some men were born for great things,
Some were born for small;
Some--it is not recorded
Why they were born at all;

Will Carleton
I Am What I Am Supposed To Be .

Love is a language of heart,
Transform in attitude,
It appears on expression,
Cater through action.
Norbu Dorji

Norbu Dorji
O Were My Love Yon Lilac Fair

O were my Love yon lilac fair,
Wi' purple blossoms to the spring,
And I a bird to shelter there,
When wearied on my little wing;
Robert Burns

Robert Burns
The Jackaw Of Rheims

The Jackdaw sat on the Cardinal's chair!
Bishop, and abbot, and prior were there;
Many a monk, and many a friar,
Many a knight, and many a squire,

Richard Harris Barham
Emily, John, James, And I

EMILY JANE was a nursery maid,
JAMES was a bold Life Guard,
JOHN was a constable, poorly paid
(And I am a doggerel bard).

William Schwenck Gilbert

He came back and shot. He shot him. When he came
back, he shot, and he fell, stumbling, past the
shadow wood, down, shot, dying, dead, to full halt.


Amiri Baraka

Speak not, lie hidden, and conceal
the way you dream, the things you feel.
Deep in your spirit let them rise
akin to stars in crystal skies

Fyodor Ivanovich Tyutchev

There is a party at the bar,
Life is too short.
Only people with tall ideas cope with it.
Yes i have a course outline with an assignment on it.
Blessings Mitembo

Blessings Mitembo
Not What Was Meant

When the Academy of Arts demanded freedom
Of artistic expression from narrow-minded bureaucrats
There was a howl and a clamour in its immediate vicinity
But roaring above everything

Bertolt Brecht

A book which needs to be written is one dealing
with the childhood of authors. It would be
not only interesting, but instructive; not merely
profitable in a general way, but practical in a
Hilda Conkling

Hilda Conkling

Deep in my heart that aches with the repression,
And strives with plenitude of bitter pain,
There lives a thought that clamors for expression,
And spends its undelivered force in vain.
Paul Laurence Dunbar

Paul Laurence Dunbar
The Shield Of Achilles

She looked over his shoulder
For vines and olive trees,
Marble well-governed cities
And ships upon untamed seas,
W. H. Auden

W. H. Auden

It is full winter now: the trees are bare,
Save where the cattle huddle from the cold
Beneath the pine, for it doth never wear
The autumn's gaudy livery whose gold
Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde

Will they occur,
These people with torso of steel
Winged elbows and eyeholes


Sylvia Plath
A Remonstrance With The Fair

There are thoughts that the mind cannot fathom,
The mind of the animal male;
But woman abundantly hath 'em,
And mostly her notions prevail.
Andrew Lang

Andrew Lang
The Red, Red Rose.

Air - "Hughie Graham."

Robert Burns

Robert Burns
An Essay On Man: Epistle I.


Having proposed to write some pieces on human life and manners, such as (to use my Lord Bacon's expression) come home to men's business and bosoms, I thought it more satisfactory to begin with considering man in the abstract, his nature and his state; since, to prove any moral duty, to enforce any moral precept, or to examine the perfection or imperfection of any creature whatsoever, it is necessary first to know what condition and relation it is placed in, and what is the proper end and purpose of its being.

Alexander Pope

Alexander Pope
Full Flight

I'm in a plane that will not be flown into a building.
It's a SAAB 340, seats 40, has two engines with propellers
is why I think of beanies, those hats that would spin
a young head into the clouds. The plane is red and loud

Bob Hicok
Drama's Vitallest Expression Is The Common Day


Drama's Vitallest Expression is the Common Day
That arise and set about Us-
Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson
Portrait Of A Lady

Thou hast committed-
Fornication: but that was in another country,
And besides, the wench is dead.
The Jew of Malta.
T. S. Eliot

T. S. Eliot
To Mrs. Goodchild

The night-wind's shriek is pitiless and hollow,
The boding bat flits by on sullen wing,
And I sit desolate, like that 'one swallow'
Who found (with horror) that he'd not brought spring:

Charles Stuart Calverley
The Odyssey: Book 04

They reached the low lying city of Lacedaemon them where they
drove straight to the of abode Menelaus [and found him in his own
house, feasting with his many clansmen in honour of the wedding of his
son, and also of his daughter, whom he was marrying to the son of that

Cadet Grey: Canto Ii


Where West Point crouches, and with lifted shield
Turns the whole river eastward through the pass;
Bret Harte

Bret Harte
Shadow.'a Parable

Yea! though I walk through the valley of the

‘Psalm of David'.
Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe
Love And Age

I play'd with you 'mid cowslips blowing,
When I was six and you were four;
When garlands weaving, flower-balls throwing,
Were pleasures soon to please no more.
Thomas Love Peacock

Thomas Love Peacock
On Board Ship

It's like him, of course,
this little pencil portrait.
Hurriedly sketched, on the ship's deck,
the afternoon magical,

Constantine P. Cavafy
To Lothario

Think not, Lothario, while I view
The bright expression of thy face,
And on thy cheek of crimson hue
Emotion's varying beauties trace,

Amelia Opie
The Llama

The Llama is a wooly sort of fleecy hairy goat,
With an indolent expression and an undulating throat
Like an unsuccessful literary man.

Hilaire Belloc

Hilaire Belloc
I Feel That I Am Free

To me the sky looks bluer,
And the green grass greener still,
And earth's flowers seem more lovely
As they bloom on heath and hill.

Owen Suffolk
One Mood's Expression

See, Lord, fanatics all arrayed
For revolution!
To foil their villainous crusade
Unsheathe again the sacred blade

Ambrose Bierce
Early Spring

Harshness vanished. A sudden softness
has replaced the meadows' wintry grey.
Little rivulets of water changed
their singing accents. Tendernesses,

Rainer Maria Rilke
Lady With Camelias

Your whole way with shining evil's coal
Margaret, they all do bravely judge.
What's your fault? The body sinned as such,
Innocent you have retained your soul.

Marina Ivanovna Tsvetaeva
The Song Of The Widow

In the beginning life was good to me;
it held me warm and gave me courage.
That this is granted all while in their youth,
how could I then have known of this.

Rainer Maria Rilke
The Case Of Conscience

THOSE who in fables deal, bestow at ease
Both names and titles, freely as they please.
It costs them scarcely any thing, we find.
And each is nymph or shepherdess designed;

Jean De La Fontaine
The Eternal Circle

Now, a visitor from somewhere right outside this Mundane Ball
Do not ask me where he came from, for that point's not clear at all;
For he might have been an angel, or he might have come from Mars,
Or from any of the other of the fixed or unfixed stars.

Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Pauline Part I

To the memory of my devoted wife dead and gone yet always with me I dedicate



Hanford Lennox Gordon
The Lost One

COME to the grave--the silent grave! and dream
Of a light, happy voice--so full of joy,
That those who heard her laugh, would laugh again,
Echoing the mirth of such an innocent spirit;
Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton

Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton
Cut The Grass

The wonderful workings of the world: wonderful,
wonderful: I'm surprised half the time:
ground up fine, I puff if a pebble stirs:


Archie Randolph Ammons
The Lonesome Little Shoe

The clock was in ill humor; so was the vase. It was all on account of the little shoe that had been placed on the mantel-piece that day, and had done nothing but sigh dolorously all the afternoon and evening.

"Look you here, neighbor," quoth the clock, in petulant tones, "you are sadly mistaken if you think you will be permitted to disturb our peace and harmony with your constant sighs and groans. If you are ill, pray let us know; otherwise, have done with your manifestations of distress."

Eugene Field

Eugene Field
The Giaour: A Fragment Of A Turkish Tale

No breath of air to break the wave
That rolls below the Athenian's grave,
That tomb which, gleaming o'er the cliff
First greets the homeward-veering skiff

George Gordon Byron
Tale Viii


There was a worthy, but a simple Pair,
Who nursed a Daughter, fairest of the fair:
George Crabbe

George Crabbe
Ode To W. Kitchener, M.d.

Author of
The Cook's Oracle, Observations on Vocal Music, The Art of Invigorating and Prolonging Life, Practical Observations on Telescopes, Opera-Glasses, and Spectacles, The Housekeeper's Ledger
The Pleasure of Making a Will.
Thomas Hood

Thomas Hood

'Twas a serious person with locks of gray
And a figure like a crescent;
His gravity, clearly, had come to stay,
But his smile was evanescent.

Ambrose Bierce
The Widow's Home

Close on the margin of a brawling brook
That bathes the low dell's bosom, stands a Cot;
O'ershadow'd by broad Alders. At its door
A rude seat, with an ozier canopy

Mary Darby Robinson
All Through Eternity

All through eternity
Beauty unveils His exquisite form
in the solitude of nothingness;
He holds a mirror to His Face

Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi
Shoveling Snow With Buddha

In the usual iconography of the temple or the local Wok
you would never see him doing such a thing,
tossing the dry snow over a mountain
of his bare, round shoulder,

Billy Collins