Who is Charles Stuart Calverley

Charles Stuart Calverley (/ˈkɑːvərlɪ/; 22 December 1831 – 17 February 1884) was an English poet and wit. He was the literary father of what has been called "the university school of humour".

Early life He was born at Martley, Worcestershire, and given the name Charles Stuart Blayds. In 1852, his father, the Rev. Henry Blayds, resumed the old family name of Calverley, which his grandfather had exchanged for Blayds in 1807. Charles went up to Balliol College, Oxford, from Harrow School in 1850, and was soon known in Oxford as the most daring and high-spirited undergraduate of his time. He was a universal favourite, a delightful companion, a brilliant scholar and the playful enemy of all "dons." In 1851 he won the Chancellor's prize for Latin verse, but...
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Charles Stuart Calverley Poems

  • Ballad
    The auld wife sat at her ivied door,
    (Butter and eggs and a pound of cheese)
    A thing she had frequently done before;
    And her spectacles lay on her apron'd knees. ...
  • Shelter
    By the wide lake's margin I mark'd her lie -
    The wide, weird lake where the alders sigh -
    A young fair thing, with a shy, soft eye;
    And I deem'd that her thoughts had flown ...
  • In Memoriam. - Cvi
    The time admits not flowers or leaves
    To deck the banquet. Fiercely flies
    The blast of North and East, and ice
    Makes daggers at the sharpen'd eaves, ...
  • A, B, C
    A is an Angel of blushing eighteen:
    B is the Ball where the Angel was seen:
    C is her Chaperone, who cheated at cards:
    D is the Deuxtemps, with Frank of the Guards: ...
  • Motherhood
    She laid it where the sunbeams fall
    Unscann'd upon the broken wall.
    Without a tear, without a groan,
    She laid it near a mighty stone, ...
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  • Rgtrendsetter: “but what is coffee, but a noxious berry, born to keep used-up londoners awake.” – charles stuart calverley boss gino meets ralphgail
  • Denstar: a poem by charles stuart calverley: forever; ’tis a single word! our rude forefathers deem’d it two: can you imagine so absurd a view? forever! what abysms of woe the word reveals, what frenzy, what despair! for ever (printed so) did not.
  • Denstar: charles stuart calverley > beer
  • Quotebread: "the farmer’s daughter hath soft brown hair (butter and eggs and a pound of cheese) and i met with a ballad, i can’t say where, that wholly consisted of lines like these." - charles stuart calverley
  • Brookston: happy birthday english poet and wit charles stuart calverley (december 22, 1831–february 17, 1884)
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