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Engraving of Will Carleton by Arthur Rice, 1890 William McKendree Carleton (October 21, 1845 – December 18, 1912) was an American poet from Michigan. Carleton's poems were most often about his rural life.

Contents Early years Born in rural Lenawee County, Hudson, Michigan, Carleton ...
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Will Carleton Poems

  • Our Army Of The Dead
    By the edge of the Atlantic, where the waves of Freedom roar,
    And the breezes of the ocean chant a requiem to the shore,
    On the Nation's eastern hill-tops, where its corner-stone was laid,
    On the mountains of New England, where our fathers toiled and prayed, ...
  • Apples Growing
    Underneath an apple-tree
    Sat a dame of comely seeming,
    With her work upon her knee,
    And her great eyes idly dreaming. ...
  • Death-doomed
    They're taking me to the gallows, mother--they mean to hang me high;
    They're going to gather round me there, and watch me till I die;
    All earthly joy has vanished now, and gone each mortal hope,--
    They'll draw a cap across my eyes, and round my neck a rope; ...
  • Out Of The Old House, Nancy
    Out of the old house, Nancy--moved up into the new;
    All the hurry and worry is just as good as through.
    Only a bounden duty remains for you and I--
    And that's to stand on the door-step, here, and bid the old house good-bye. ...
  • The House Where We Were Wed
    I've been to the old farm-house, good-wife,
    Where you and I were wed;
    Where the love was born to our two hearts
    That now lies cold and dead. ...
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