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My name is Ola Olawale, born and brought up in Lagos with a Royal family link with one of the most ancient city in Yoruba land, Apomu in Osun State .Attend LGSSS oToo Ijanikin Lagos, attend University of Ibadan where I obtained Bed Political Science Edu. I am a member of African Movement for freedom and Justice, I was a functional member of the Students Union, A member of young writers club Ibadan, Currently working on a project called CARE Academy, with the aim of reviving the reading culture among young generations in Nigeria. I am a photo Journalist in training, A poet and a columnist . ...
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Ola Olawale Poems

  • Ride On
    Let me smooch it
    Let me crunch it
    So handy like a lollipop
    The beauty of men ...
  • Kiss Me
    Touch me there
    Kiss me here
    Let me feel you there
    Rock the udder ...
  • The City-state
    Dear city-state
    Why are you so unfortunate
    If you have cross the gods
    Let go to the shrine ...
  • Not My Will
    I am on the fence of life
    I have been toss to the corner
    Life has chosen for me a quite place
    Like the grave yard ...
  • If The Choice
    If the choice was mine
    I will choose that place
    Where life is beautiful
    Where every dream is possible ...
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