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  • Growing Up
    Little Tommy Tadpole began to weep and wail,
    For little Tommy Tadpole had lost his little tail;
    And his mother didn't know him as he wept upon a log,
    For he wasn't Tommy Tadpole, but Mr. Thomas Frog....
  • There Once Was A Fellow Called Croll
    There once was a fellow called Croll,
    Who loved to hear periods roll
    On his musical tongue.
    It is he who has sung, ...
  • The Mountain Laboured
    A patriot spake thus to an eager throng:
    'Give me the power and I shall right each wrong.
    And Fortune, smiling, on our land shall look'
    His name was COOK. ...
  • Green Walls
    I love all gum-trees well. But, best of all,
    I love the tough old warriors that tower
    About these lawns, to make a great green wall
    And guard, like sentries, this exotic bower ...
  • Poets
    Each poet that I know (he said)
    Has something funny in his head,
    Some wandering growth or queer disease
    That gives to him strange unease. ...
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  • Karjon_hart: their independence they could see. achieved by simple unity. -clarence michael james stanislaus dennis karjon asapfebblowout
  • Musicrecbot: take a listen to: country towns - boort by¬†clarence¬†michael james stanislaus dennis
  • Faust89823700: clarence michael james stanislaus dennis - the music of your voice a vase upon the mantelpiece, a ship upon the sea, a goat upon a mountain-top are much the same to me; but when you mention melon jam, or picnics by the creek, or apple pies, or pantomimes, i love to hear
  • Ysay83123143: '' never mind who owns the boat. pull for the shore''. -clarence michael james stanislaus dennis . ---------------------------------------------------------
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