Who is Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi

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Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi Poems

  • Le Temple De L'amour
    Le temple de l'amour n'est pas l'amour lui-même;
    Le véritable amour est le trésor,
    Pas les murs.
    N'admirez pas la décoration, ...
  • Der Tempel Der Liebe
    Der Tempel der Liebe ist nicht die Liebe selbst;
    Wahre Liebe ist der Schatz,
    Nicht die Wände darüber.
    Bewundern Sie die Dekoration nicht, ...
  • El Templo Del Amor
    El templo del amor no es el amor mismo;
    El verdadero amor es el tesoro
    No las paredes al respecto.
    No admires la decoración, ...
  • Defeated By Love
    The sky was lit
    by the splendor of the moon
    So powerful
    I fell to the ground ...
  • I See So Deeply Within Myself
    I see so deeply within myself.
    Not needing my eyes, I can see everything clearly.
    Why would I want to bother my eyes again
    Now that I see the world through His eyes?...
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I Love You 71 Love 71 Soul 51 Heart 37 World 32 Life 28 Face 28 God 25 Light 23 Body 22

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Comments about Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi

  • Choitalykruman: the guest house by mewlana jalaluddin rumi
  • Lamsalrajk: bad dreams one day you will look back and laugh at yourself. you'll say, ‘ i can't believe i was so asleep! how did i ever forget the truth? how ridiculous to believe that sadness and sickness are anything other than bad dreams.' mewlana jalaluddin rumi
  • Usamasaahib: when for the last time you close your mouth your words and soul will belong to the world of no place no time mewlana jalaluddin rumi
  • Iamdnp01: a stone i died and rose again a plant; a plant i died and rose an animal; i died an animal and was born a man. why should i fear? what have i lost by death? mewlana jalaluddin rumi marks one month...
  • Hassan17985493: go find yourself first.... so you can also find me. ~~hazrat mewlana jalaluddin rumi rehmathullahi alaihi.
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