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  • Another Awkward Stage Of Convalescence
    Drunk, I kissed the moon
    where it stretched on the floor.
    I'd removed happiness from a green bottle,
    both sipped and gulped ...
  • An Old Story
    Itâ??s hard being in love
    with fireflies. I have to do
    all the pots and pans.
    When asked to parties ...
  • Unmediated Experience
    She does this thing. Our seventeen-
    year-old dog. Our mostly deaf dog.
    Our mostly dead dog, statistically
    speaking. When I crouch. ...
  • In The Loop
    I heard from people after the shootings. People
    I knew well or barely or not at all. Largely
    the same message: how horrible it was, how little
    there was to say about how horrible it was. ...
  • Mortal Shower
    I met my butt in a Pittsburgh
    hotel room. My face
    still looks like my face
    but not my butt, my hair ...
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  • Yamabato: sweet by bob hicok
  • Tothismay: whenever u think you have read every orange related poem u discover a new one. december specific one at that. bob hicok, “sweet”
  • Ansfavwords: and when i touch you in each of the places we meet in all of the lives we are, it’s with hands that are dying and resurrected. when i don’t touch you it’s a mistake in any life, in each place and forever. bob hicok
  • Edwereddie: "up up and away", a poem by bob hicok |
  • Rabihalameddine: five years ago: my most recent position paper by bob hicok
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