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Mary Robinson (née Darby; 27 November 1757? – 26 December 1800) was an English actress, poet, dramatist, novelist, and celebrity figure. During her lifetime she was known as "the English Sappho". She earned her nickname "Perdita" for her role as Perdita (heroine of Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale) in 1779. She was the first public mistress of King George IV while he was still Prince of Wales.

Contents BiographyEarly life Robinson was born in Bristol, England to Nicholas Darby, a naval captain, and his wife Hester (née Vanacott) who had married at Donyatt, Somerset, in 1749, and was baptised 'Po...
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Mary Darby Robinson Poems

  • Sonnet Xxxix: Prepare Your Wreaths
    Prepare your wreaths, Aonian maids divine,
    To strew the tranquil bed where I shall sleep;
    In tears, the myrtle and the laurel steep,
    And let Erato's hand the trophies twine. ...
  • Sonnet Xxxii: Blest As The Gods
    Blest as the Gods! Sicilian Maid is he,
    The youth whose soul thy yielding graces charm;
    Who bound, O! thraldom sweet! by beauty's arm,
    In idle dalliance fondly sports with thee! ...
  • Sonnet I: Favour'd By Heav'n
    Favour'd by Heav'n are those, ordain'd to taste
    The bliss supreme that kindles fancy's fire;
    Whose magic fingers sweep the muses' lyre,
    In varying cadence, eloquently chaste! ...
  • Sonnet To Ingratitude
    He that's ungrateful, has no guilt but one;
    All other crimes may pass for virtues in him.
    - YOUNG.
  • Stanzas To Love
    TELL ME, LOVE, when I rove o'er some far distant plain,
    Shall I cherish the passion that dwells in my breast?
    Or will ABSENCE subdue the keen rigours of pain,
    And the swift wing of TIME bring the balsam of rest? ...
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Heart 80 Love 73 I Love You 73 Mind 65 Soul 62 Soft 58 Sonnet 55 Night 53 Tear 53 Away 49

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  • Sharonlathan: mary darby robinson by sharon lathan, novelist
  • Nataniabarron: 27 - so, a few bits of beauty before i sign off. i have a soft spot for the late 1700s, with joshua reynolds & gainsborough's winsome gray-haired ladies. reynolds - mary darby, mrs thomas robinson 'perdita' - the wig, the hat, the stare. we would get up to much mischief, 1782.
  • Sharonlathan: mary darby robinson | sharon lathan, novelist.
  • Austenauthors: mary darby robinson | sharon lathan, novelist. mary darby robinson: a georgian era woman of influence in more ways than just acting.
  • Sharonlathan: mary darby robinson | sharon lathan, novelist. a onetime mistress of the prince of wales (among others), mary darby robinson gained fame as a renowned stage actress … and more!
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