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My name is Blessings Mitembo, i was born at the Zomba Central Hospital and am a second born child in the family of four. My Dad was a teacher and my Mom she is a business lady, as a child i have moved to a number of places, some of the things that led to such kinds of movement were based on family issues others being on personal base's. Am currently studying at a medical school in Malawi. ...
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Blessings Mitembo Poems

  • Stay
    Stay right
    Stay blessed
    Stay strong
    As brave as a lion ...
  • Pain
    Tears of blood fall from my broken heart
    I never thought we would be apart

    When you held me you said "forever" ...
  • Dear Love
    Here alone it makes me feel bad.
    Mostly when i keep thinking about the plans we had, sad.
    My heart is broken, no craft maker would even fix it.
    Am devastated, ...
  • The Rivers Prayer
    Someone pass by and drive this person away from me,
    May you please stop; you are hurting me,
    Are you mad that you forgetting am the source of those breezes that warms your body at night?
    During the summer time! ...
  • The Bible
    He didn’t pen it with his own hands,
    Your lord did inspire it.
    By involving forty writers.
    He made a fishermen loose the shore site, ...
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