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  • The Two Adventurers And The Talisman

    No flowery path to glory leads.
    This truth no better voucher needs ...
  • The Gardener And His Landlord (prose Fable)
    A man who had a great fondness for gardening, being half a countryman and half town-bred, possessed in a certain village a fair-sized plot with a field attached, and all enclosed by a quickset hedge. Here sorrel and lettuce grew freely, as well as such flowers as Spanish jasmine and wild thyme, and from these his good wife Margot culled many a posy for her high days and holidays.

    This happy state of things was soon troubled by the visits of a hare, and to such an extent that the man had to go to his landlord and lodge a complaint. "This wretched animal," he said, "comes here and stuffs himself night and morning, and simply laughs at traps and snares. As for stones and sticks they make no difference whatever to him. He must be enchanted."
  • The Fishes And The Cormorant

    No pond nor pool within his haunt
    But paid a certain cormorant ...
  • The Rabbits

    An Address To The Duke De La Rochefoucauld.[2]
  • The Gardener And His Lord
    A lover of gardens, half cit and half clown,
    Possess'd a nice garden beside a small town;
    And with it a field by a live hedge inclosed,
    Where sorrel and lettuce, at random disposed, ...
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  • Motivappbot: sadness flies away on the wings of time. [jean de la fontaine]
  • Vlknack: quote of the day: a person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it. - jean de la fontaine
  • Toiletguru: french fabulist and poet jean de la fontaine, who died otd in 1695, is known for his "fables", which served as a model for similar writings across europe
  • Irving_hub: "a person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it." - jean de la fontaine
  • Quotebotproject: rare as is true love, true friendship is rarer. -- by jean de la fontaine
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