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Gilbert was born at 17 Southampton Street, Strand, London. His father, also named William, was briefly a naval surgeon, who later became a writer of novels and short stories, some of which were illustrated by his son. Gilbert's mother was the former Anne Mary Bye Morris (1812–1888), the daughter of Thomas Morris, an apothecary. Gilbert's parents were distant and stern, and he did not have a particularly close relationship with either of them. They quarrelled increasingly, and following the break-up of their marriage in 1876, his relationships with them, especially his mother, became even more strained. Gilbert had three younger sisters, two of whom were born outside England because of the family's travels during these years: Jane Morris (b. 1838 in Milan, Italy – 1906), who m...
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William Schwenck Gilbert Poems

  • Baines Carew, Gentleman
    Of all the good attorneys who
    Have placed their names upon the roll,
    But few could equal BAINES CAREW
    For tender-heartedness and soul. ...
  • The Practical Joker
    Oh what a fund of joy jocund lies hid in harmless hoaxes!
    What keen enjoyment springs
    From cheap and simple things!
    What deep delight from sources trite inventive humour coaxes, ...
  • Only Roses!
    To a garden full of posies
    Cometh one to gather flowers,
    And he wanders through its bowers
    Toying with the wanton roses, ...
  • The Pantomime "super" To His Mask
    Vast empty shell!
    Impertinent, preposterous abortion!
    With vacant stare,
    And ragged hair, ...
  • The Yarn Of The "nancy Bell"
    'Twas on the shores that round our coast
    From Deal to Ramsgate span,
    That I found alone, on a piece of stone,
    An elderly naval man. ...
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  • Comp0s_ment1s: life's perhaps the only riddle that we shrink from giving up. -william schwenck gilbert-
  • Englishtreasure: otd 18th nov 1836, the dramatist, poet & illustrator sir william schwenck 'w's' gilbert was born at 17 southampton street in the strand, london. his father was a surgeon.
  • Juliehowlin: sir william schwenck "w.s." gilbert, the lyricist half of the team of gilbert and sullivan was born on this date in 1836. 10 things you didn't know about him:
  • Roy_wallen: the meaning doesn't matter if it's only idle chatter of a transcendental kind. – william schwenck gilbert, born on this date in 1836
  • Book_addict: happy birthday to brilliant writer/librettist william schwenck gilbert (november 18,1836, creator of the librettor for “h.m.s. pinafore” (1878) and other major works.
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