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Richard Harris Barham (6 December 1788 – 17 June 1845) was an English cleric of the Church of England, a novelist and a humorous poet. He was known generally by his pseudonym Thomas Ingoldsby and as the author of The Ingoldsby Legends.

Life Richard Harris Barham was born in Canterbury. When he was seven years old his father died, leaving him a small estate, part of which was the manor of Tappington, in Denton, Kent, mentioned so frequently in his later publication The Ingoldsby Legends. At the age of nine he was sent to St Paul's School, but his studies were interrupted by an accident which partially crippled his arm for life. Thus deprived of the power of vigorous bodily activity, he became a great reader and diligent student.

During 1807 he en...
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  • Drrabbitfunk: richard harris barham “the spectre of tappington” (part 1)
  • Tombstonestea: "the cynotaph" – the ghost of a bespectacled woman chases the ghost of a dog by moonlight through the tombs of a cemetery, a circa 1848 woodcut from the ingoldsby legends, a collection of myths, legends, ghost stories, and poetry by english clergyman richard harris barham.
  • Findhaunts: ghosts, like ladies, never speak till spoke to. ~richard harris barham
  • Raptisrarebooks: one of many new arrivals: first edition, first issue of richard harris barham's the ingoldsby legends. learn more:
  • Vickygiavasi: from ingoldsby legends by thomas ingoldsby (richard harris barham), 1890.
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