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  • Charge Of "the Black-horse"
    Our columns are broken, defeated, and fled;
    We are gathered, a few from the flying and dead,
    Where the green flag is up and our wounded remain
    Imploring for water and groaning in pain. ...
  • The Legend Of The Falls[cg]
    Read at the Celebration of the Old Settlers of Hennepin County, at the Academy of Music, Minneapolis, July 4, 1879.

    On the Spirit-Island [CH] sitting under midnight's misty moon, ...
  • Minnetonka[by]
    I sit once more on breezy shore, at sunset in this glorious June,
    I hear the dip of gleaming oar, I list the singers' merry tune.
    Beneath my feet the waters beat, and ripple on the polished stones,
    The squirrel chatters from his seat; the bag-pipe beetle hums and drones. ...
  • Hope
    Men talk and dream of better days
    Of a golden time to come;
    Toward a happy and shining goal
    They run with a ceaseless hum. ...
  • Grierson's Raid
    Mount to horse mount to horse;
    Forward, Battalion!
    Gallop the gallant force;
    Down with Rebellion! ...
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  • Colhlgordon: google says i am a famous poet. oh, yes!
  • Manas_akram: pauline by hanford lennox gordon (1878,├é┬ásigned)
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