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The room is full of you!-As I came in
And closed the door behind me, all at once
A something in the air, intangible,
Yet stiff with meaning, struck my senses sick!-
Edna St. Vincent Millay

Edna St. Vincent Millay
Stuck In A Tornado

Every day you wake up, every morning,
Even tho you did not realize that it's still the same day,
You realized that you're in a reoccurring cycle,
Every day the same movement,
Richmond Gellez

Richmond Gellez

Over the west side of the mountain,
that-s lyrebird country.
I could go down there, they say, in the early morning,
and I-d see them, I-d hear them.

Judith Wright
Poems For Piraye (9 To 10 O-clock Poems)

Remembering you is good
in prison
amid the news
of victory and death

Nazim Hikmet
The Prophet

Longing for spiritual springs,
I dragged myself through desert sands ...
An angel with three pairs of wings
Arrived to me at cross of lands;

Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin
A Goodnight

Go to sleep-though of course you will not-
to tideless waves thundering slantwise against
strong embankments, rattle and swish of spray
dashed thirty feet high, caught by the lake wind,

William Carlos Williams
The Englishman In Italy


Fortu, Frotu, my beloved one,
Sit here by my side,
Robert Browning

Robert Browning
Illustrated Books And Newspapers

Discourse was deemed Man's noblest attribute,
And written words the glory of his hand;
Then followed Printing with enlarged command
For thought, dominion vast and absolute
William Wordsworth

William Wordsworth
The Eldritch Dark

Now as the twilight's doubtful interval
Closes with night's accomplished certainty,
A wizard wind goes crying eerily,
And on the wold misshapen shadows crawl,

Clark Ashton Smith
The Iliad: Book 03

When the companies were thus arrayed, each under its own captain,
the Trojans advanced as a flight of wild fowl or cranes that scream
overhead when rain and winter drive them over the flowing waters of
Oceanus to bring death and destruction on the Pygmies, and they


“little soul, little flirting,
little perverse one
where are you off to now?
little wan one, firm one
Delmore Schwartz

Delmore Schwartz
The Suicide

Bereft of soul
My body shall be bare.
Bereft of body
My soul shall be bare.

Kamala Das
Sunday Morning

Down the road someone is practising scales,
The notes like little fishes vanish with a wink of tails,
Man's heart expands to tinker with his car
For this is Sunday morning, Fate's great bazaar;

Louis Macneice
Quantum Sufficit

'I only said this German plan
Had points,' remarked the small, meek man.
'I merely said an extra wife
Might add variety to life.

Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Hyperion: Book Ii

Just at the self-same beat of Time's wide wings
Hyperion slid into the rustled air,
And Saturn gain'd with Thea that sad place
Where Cybele and the bruised Titans mourn'd.
John Keats

John Keats
Be Calm

The slow movement of a lion
doesn't show weakness or tiredness
but rather a calculated step to get its
prey, so do not bother your self seeing others
John Kanyetu

John Kanyetu
The Generations Of Men

A governor it was proclaimed this time,
When all who would come seeking in New Hampshire
Ancestral memories might come together.
And those of the name Stark gathered in Bow,
Robert Frost

Robert Frost

And then I wakened up in such a fright;
I thought I heard a movement in the room
But did not dare to look; I snuggled right
Down underneath the bedclothesâ??then the boom

James Stephens

A Postscript for Marianne Moore

No one exactly knows
Exactly how clouds look in the sky

Jack Spicer
No Greater Love

My motherland was pleading again for mercy,
the British were cruel and bloodthirsty,
they ordered to choose the road of compliance,
I selected the path of painful defiance.
Sharletl Alvares

Sharletl Alvares

If i can't do
what i want to do
then my job is to not
do what i don't want

Nikki Giovanni

SHE will not sleep, for fear of dreams,
But, rising, quits her restless bed,
And walks where some beclouded beams
Of moonlight through the hall are shed.

Charlotte Brontë
The Duel

In Pat Mahoney's booze bazaar the fun was fast and free,
And Ragtime Billy spanked the baby grand;
While caroling a saucy song was Montreal Maree,
With sozzled sourdoughs giving her a hand.
Robert Service

Robert Service
Gettysburg: A Battle Ode


Victors, living, with laureled brow,
And you that sleep beneath the sward!
George Parsons Lathrop

George Parsons Lathrop
Those Must Be Masts Of Ships The Gazer Sees

Those must be masts of ships the gazer sees
On through the little gap in the park trees
So far away that seeing almost fails.
Those must be masts, the lovely masts of ships

Lesbia Harford

THE holy bell, untouched by human hands,
Clanged suddenly, and tolled with solemn knell.

Between the massive, blazoned temple-doors,
Emma Lazarus

Emma Lazarus

--A COSTLY good ; that none e'er bought or sold
For gem, or pearl, or miser's store, twice told :
Save certain watery pearls, possessed by all,
Which, one by one, may buy it as they fall.

Jane Taylor
The Himalayas

O Himalah! O rampart of the realm of India!
Bowing down, the sky kisses your forehead

Your condition does not show any signs of old age

Allama Muhammad Iqbal

Swiftly out from the friendly lilt of the band,
The crowd's good laughter, the loved eyes of men,
I am drawn nightward; I must turn again
Where, down beyond the low untrodden strand,
Rupert Brooke

Rupert Brooke
How We Were Introduced

â??for perfidious protectors

I was playing in the street
no one paid attention to me

Zbigniew Herbert
The City In The Sea

Lo! Death has reared himself a throne
In a strange city lying alone
Far down within the dim West,
Where the good and the bad and the worst and the best
Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe
To Postumous In October

When you and I were younger the world was passing fair;
Our days were sped with laughter, our steps were free as air;
Life lightly lured us onward, and ceased not to unroll
In endless shining vistas a playground for the soul.
R. C. Lehmann

R. C. Lehmann
Four Quartets 1: Burnt Norton


Time present and time past
Are both perhaps present in time future,
T. S. Eliot

T. S. Eliot
Industrial Discontent

As time rolled on the whole world came to be
A desolation and a darksome curse;
And some one said: 'The changes that you see
In the fair frame of things, from bad to worse,

Ambrose Bierce
Autumn Movement

I cried over beautiful things knowing no beautiful thing lasts.

The field of cornflower yellow is a scarf at the neck of the copper
sunburned woman, the mother of the year, the taker of seeds.
Carl Sandburg

Carl Sandburg

Under black yew-trees, in the shade,
The owls have kept themselves apart;
Like strange divinities, they dart
The red eye, as they meditate.
Charles Baudelaire

Charles Baudelaire
The Dead: Iv

These hearts were woven of human joys and cares,
Washed marvellously with sorrow, swift to mirth.
The years had given them kindness. Dawn was theirs,
And sunset, and the colours of the earth.
Rupert Brooke

Rupert Brooke
The Cloud Messenger - Part 04

The slender young woman who is there would be the premier creation by the
Creator in the sphere of women, with fine teeth, lips like a ripe bimba fruit, a
slim waist, eyes like a startled gazelleâ??s, a deep navel, a gait slow on account
of the weight of her hips, and who is somewhat bowed down by her breasts.

The Berg

A Dream

I SAW a ship of martial build
Herman Melville

Herman Melville
The Fire

Near the house flowed, or paused, the black Canal,
Edged by the timber piles so black and tall.
From the rotten fence I watched the horses pull
Along the footpath, slow and beautiful,

John Freeman
An Evening Song To She Who Exists By My Name

Daughter of the daughter of the daughters of the daughter Pe
foreto the apple you ate of yee
beguiling Adam's heights foreto you favorite daughter of the daughter of Pe
being the Mother of the world and the world itself and the child of the world being

Daniil Ivanovich Kharms
The Age Of Infancy

The earth and sky were unknown worlds to me
Only the expanse of mother's bosom was a world to me

Every movement was a symbol of life's pleasure to me

Allama Muhammad Iqbal
When Mother Made An Angel Cake

When mother baked an angel cake we kids would gather round
An' watch her gentle hands at work, an' never make a sound;
We'd watch her stir the eggs an' flour an' powdered sugar, too,
An' pour it in the crinkled tin, an' then when it was through
Edgar Albert Guest

Edgar Albert Guest
The Reef

My green aquarium of phantom fish,
Goggling in on me through the misty panes;
My rotting leaves and fields spongy with rains;
My few clear quiet autumn days- I wish
Aldous Huxley

Aldous Huxley


She stood at Greenwich, motionless amid
The ever-shifting crowd of passengers.

Charles Stuart Calverley

To die be given us, or attain!
Fierce work it were, to do again.
So pilgrims, bound for Mecca, pray'd
At burning noon: so warriors said,
Matthew Arnold

Matthew Arnold
In Excelsis

You -- you --
Your shadow is sunlight on a plate of silver;
Your footsteps, the seeding-place of lilies;
Your hands moving, a chime of bells across a windless air.
Amy Lowell

Amy Lowell
Pioneers! O Pioneers!


Come, my tan-faced children,
Follow well in order, get your weapons ready;
Walt Whitman

Walt Whitman
P. A. Munch

Many forms belong to greatness.
He who now has left us bore it
As a doubt that made him sleepless,
But at last gave revelation,-

Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson

There is a village in a southern land,
By rounded hills closed in on every hand.
The streets slope steeply to the market-square,
Long lines of white-washed houses, clean and fair,

Robert Fuller Murray